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All State Team?

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List came out on Christmas Eve




Katie Kemp, Brentwood High, setter


Jenny Roy, Brentwood High, middle hitter


Elizabeth Schwarz, Brentwood High, libero


Jill Morgan, Siegel, setter


Tori Simmons, Siegel, outside hitter


Lindsey Knott, Ravenwood, libero


Sophia Cerino, Ravenwood, outside hitter


Courtlyn Ison, Ooltewah, hitter


Hanna Matthews, Ooltewah, setter


Emma Lenoir, East Hamilton, hitter


Chloe Mitchell, Soddy-Daisy, setter


Hannah Robertson, Soddy Daisy, libero


Abby Akins, Portland, outside hitter


Bailey Kress, Cookeville, outside hitter


Sydney Bean, Cookeville, setter


Olivia Novotny, Houston, outside hitter


Krysta Medearis, Houston, middle hitter


Kenzie Fields, Bartlett, outside hitter


Madison Pruett, Walker Valley, outside hitter


Danielle Ged, Blackman, middle hitter


Alexis Parker, Farragut


Reagan Grooms, Farragut


Emma Milstead, Farragut


Carrie McGinnis, Bearden






Taelor Kellum, Signal Mountain, hitter


Aryn Sanders, Signal Mountain, libero


Allison Walker, Red Bank, hitter


Kaylee Stone, Notre Dame, hitter


Gracie Liljenquist, Dyersburg, outside hitter


Shea Dean, South Side, outside hitter


Ericka Whiteaker, Harpeth


Loran Yonce, Hume-Fogg


Paige Lawson, Hixson, hitter


Rebekah Hill, Chattanooga Central, hitter


Cheyene Hooper, CAK


Taylor Call, CAK


Courtney Shields, CAK


Meredith Bonee, Knox Catholic


Riley Clem, Knox Catholic






Lou Phillips, Goodpasture


Kylie Scruggs, Goodpasture


Katie DeLay, Boyd-Buchanan, libero


Kristen Reynolds, Boyd-Buchanan, hitter


Alexandra Smith, Grace Academy, hitter


Savannah Walker, Lookout Valley, outside hitter


Clare Taylor, TCA, outside hitter


Lauren Schmidt, TCA, setter


Sabrie Sirmones, Loretto, middle hitter-outside hitter


Rachel Burden, Loretto, middle hitter-outside hitter


Kaylee Doig, Grace Christian, setter


Belle Karell, Grace Christian, outside hitter


Taylor Lamb, South Greene, outside hitter


Ashton Wyke, South Greene, setter


Lyndsey Cutshaw, South Greene, hitter





Gabby Gray, Baylor, hitter


Haven Bethune, Baylor, hitter


Reagan Willliams, GPS, setter


Lilly Turner, Baylor, libero


Sara Glassman, USJ, outside hitter


Paige Sheffield, USJ, setter


Callie Anderton, Briarcrest


Roxanna Wood, St. George’s


Maggie Mullins, Father Ryan


Paige Wiggington, Father Ryan


Frankie Harrison, Knox Webb


Nicklin Hames, Knox Webb


Taylor Anderton, ECS


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I didnt realize she didnt. I just assumed she would automatically since she is one of the top liberos in the country. In one part of Farragut's rotation there was very little block for the back row to read so she made some amazing pick ups. Especially in the Championship match. I only saw them play a few times this year but she is always solid for sure. Her serve is always spot on too. 

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I also noticed 2 Freshman made the team - Nicklin Hames from Webb and Meredith Bonee from Catholic. I remember Hames making the team last year, but was surprised that Freshman were honored. Both of these were well deserved, but Were there any others???

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I dont know Meredith but I do know Nick and I think if you're an All-american High School and AVCA you  are deserving. Looking forward to watching Nicklin play for a long time.

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I am always amazed at the parents who get on here to start topics to push their daughters. This is sad. Really. Why was one player left off when another makes it? Because the coach pushed one player over another. I saw Webb, Catholic and Farragut at the state playoffs. I actually saw Farragut a lot because they were the team that had the best chance to beat the team I follow. They had one GREAT player, number 6, who was legit.


Top Liberos in the country? Dad, or mom, that is ridiculous. Why would you say these things other than to hurt this player? Not cool.


As to the two freshmen, don't both of their moms coach? I do remember the Webb freshman, solid player, great hands, probably deserved all state because Private only has two or three real teams to pick from, so anybody that can hit the ball consistently usually makes all state. As to the Catholic freshman....? I would not have thought she was the best player even on her team, but so what.


Interesting to see what happens next year. Webb has no one to play in their division, stinks that they are stuck playing privates. Farraguts best player is returning, and no dad, it's not the mythical Libero. Catholic will need to get better.

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Bruin shes not my daughter. Im not sure how feeling like she is all state would hurt another girl. I watched her play all weekend this weekend and she is legit so is number 6, saw her also. Ive seen the "mythical libero" play much more than you it sounds like. Ive seen her play nationally and internationally and my daughter has played with and against her. She is being recruited by several Division I top tier schools and made visits and she is a sophomore. I guess the long list of DI coaches wanting to sign her are wrong also. So my opinion has basis. Its my opinion and thats just what it is, I gave it because someone asked. Sounds like you have an opinion too so you should respect others.

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Didn't mean to strike a nerve. First, these lists are paid subscription lists. Second, just because you say you are not a dad, mom, or club coach, doesn't mean that you are telling the truth. People get on here and hide their id's.


What Knoxville is living thru is what Nashville went thru 15 years ago, club wars. Moms and dads buy into this drug, and lie, that the club coaches are selling. They use this board to pump up this girl or that one and then they ATTACK everybody else. Heaven forbid you disagree.


We lived it in Nashville. Competing clubs were sprouting up, and J and J constantly tried to get their coaches hire at high schools to help recruit.


FG, you either can't assess talent or are blinded by your relationship. This whole thread is insulting, and bad for the girls. Don't try to justify your behavior.

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