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From Coach Doug Newman...


Tennessee wrestlers at the Prep Nationals!


Tennessee wrestlers did great!


4 teams in the top 25 out of 122 teams! Final Results!


McCallie 10th ( 2, 5, 7, 7 placers)


Baylor 15th (1, 2 placers)


Father Ryan 21st (6, 7 placers)


MBA 23rd (5, 8 placers)


Christian Bros 37th (4 placer)


All year long these teams (McCallie, Father Ryan, and MBA) were bitter rivals on the mat! After the state the practiced together and took a tour bus up to Pennsylvania for the Prep Nationals stayed together cheered for each other and celebrated victories together! They did Tennessee PROUD!


Only in Wrestling will see WARRIORS battle against each other and then come together and help each other, cheer and celebrate with each other! Only in WRESTLING!


That is what makes wrestling WRESTLING!

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From Coach Doug Newman...


Tennessee wrestlers at the Prep Nationals!


Tennessee wrestlers did great!


4 teams in the top 25 out of 122 teams! Final Results!


McCallie 10th ( 2, 5, 7, 7 placers)


Baylor 15th (1, 2 placers)


Father Ryan 21st (6, 7 placers)


MBA 23rd (5, 8 placers)


Christian Bros 37th (4 placer)


All year long these teams (McCallie, Father Ryan, and MBA) were bitter rivals on the mat! After the state the practiced together and took a tour bus up to Pennsylvania for the Prep Nationals stayed together cheered for each other and celebrated victories together! They did Tennessee PROUD!


Only in Wrestling will see WARRIORS battle against each other and then come together and help each other, cheer and celebrate with each other! Only in WRESTLING!


That is what makes wrestling WRESTLING!


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From Coach Doug Newman...


Tennessee wrestlers at the Prep Nationals!


Tennessee wrestlers did great!


4 teams in the top 25 out of 122 teams! Final Results!


McCallie 10th ( 2, 5, 7, 7 placers)


Baylor 15th (1, 2 placers)


Father Ryan 21st (6, 7 placers)


MBA 23rd (5, 8 placers)


Christian Bros 37th (4 placer)


All year long these teams (McCallie, Father Ryan, and MBA) were bitter rivals on the mat! After the state the practiced together and took a tour bus up to Pennsylvania for the Prep Nationals stayed together cheered for each other and celebrated victories together! They did Tennessee PROUD!


Only in Wrestling will see WARRIORS battle against each other and then come together and help each other, cheer and celebrate with each other! Only in WRESTLING!


That is what makes wrestling WRESTLING!

From Coach Doug Newman...

Tennessee wrestlers at the Prep Nationals!

Tennessee wrestlers did great!

4 teams in the top 25 out of 122 teams! Final Results!

McCallie 10th ( 2, 5, 7, 7 placers)

Baylor 15th (1, 2 placers)

Father Ryan 21st (6, 7 placers)

MBA 23rd (5, 8 placers)

Christian Bros 37th (4 placer)

All year long these teams (McCallie, Father Ryan, and MBA) were bitter rivals on the mat! After the state the practiced together and took a tour bus up to Pennsylvania for the Prep Nationals stayed together cheered for each other and celebrated victories together! They did Tennessee PROUD!

Only in Wrestling will see WARRIORS battle against each other and then come together and help each other, cheer and celebrate with each other! Only in WRESTLING!

That is what makes wrestling WRESTLING!

Mccallie brought 6 baylor brought two Ryan brought three MBA three bros brought one to preps. Edited by WrestlingFanD1D2
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Whimper awarded Outstanding Wrestler Award...




Monday, February 27, 2017

National Prep Wrestling: Baylor’s Khamari Whimper Wins National Title


Team Tennessee Has 11 All-Americans


Monday, February 27, 2017 - by B.B Branton


Led by national champion Khamari Whimper of Baylor, 11 Tennessee wrestlers earned All-American honors (placing top 8) at the 82nd Annual National Prep Wrestling Championship held this past weekend at Lehigh (Pa.) University.


Fifteen D-II wrestlers from Baylor, Christian Brothers, Father Ryan, MBA and McCallie wrestled under the banner of Team Tennessee and competed in non-school singlets in the tournament in agreement with TSSAA policy which states once a state tournament is completed individuals and teams cannot represent their school in further competition that school year.


Whimper is the first Tennessee wrestler to win a national prep title since McCallie's Brian Card (101 pounds) in 1971 and Whimper was awarded the tourney's Most Outstanding Wrestler .


List of All-Americans by School:


McCallie, w/ 4 All Americans - Brock Herring (7th), Ethan Dendy (5th), Judah Duhm (7th), River Henry (2nd)


Baylor, w/ 2 All Americans (1 Champion) - Mason Reiniche (2nd), Khamari Whimper (champion)


Father Ryan, w/ 2 All Americans - Raymond Eason (7th), George Hooker (7th)


MBA, w/ 2 All Americans - Gabriel Elkin (6th), Bruce Wittman (8th(


Christian Brothers, w/ 1 All American- Trevor Brown (4th)


Individual Results




Paul Killian, Father Ryan - DNP




No entry




Gabriel Elkin, MBA, 6 seed - 5th Place


Zach Ward, McCallie (at-large) - DNP (0-2)




Raymond Eason, Father Ryan, 7 seed - 6th Place


Michael Elkin, MBA (at-large) - DNP




Brock Herring, McCallie, 10 seed - 7th Place




Trevor Brown, CBHS, 9 seed - 4th Place




Bruce Wittman, MBA, 9 seed - 8th Place


Thomas Sell, McCallie (at-large) - DNP (1-2)




Ethan Dendy, McCallie, 7 seed - 5th Place


Mason Reiniche, Baylor, 9 seed (at-large) - 2nd Place




No entry




Khamari Whimper, Baylor, 2 seed - Champion




Judah Duhm, McCallie, 3 seed - 7th Place




No entry




George Hooker, Ryan, 13 seed - 7th Place




River Henry, McCallie, 2 seed - 2nd Place


contact B.B. Branton at [email protected]

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BB let's Mr Hunt Cover Baylor on one of Tennessee best PfP's...




Whimper Concludes Prep Career With National Title


Baylor Senior Named Outstanding Wrestler Twice In Past Two Weeks


Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - by John Hunt




Baylor's Khamari Whimper, shown with the award for Outstanding Wrestler at this year's Division II state championships, recently received the same honor at the National Prep Championships after winning the national title at the 170-ound weight class. Whimper, a senior, is also a two-time champion at that weight class at the state level.

- photo by Dennis Norwood/File Photo


Baylor School has quite a storied past when it comes to excellence in prep wrestling circles.


It all started a long time ago with the late, great Luke Worsham and it’s continued in generations since by guys like Jim Morgan and Schack Van Deusen. Ben Nelson is currently the Baylor head coach and he’s kept the ball rolling like the others when it comes to racking up state and national honors.


The Baylor wrestling room has pictures on one end of young men who excelled on the wrestling mat. All were state champions and several won more than once. Down on the far end of the display are pictures of guys who wrestled for the Red Raiders back in the early days when Baylor was still military and members of the Mid-South Association.


Long before the school joined the TSSAA, Baylor wrestlers worked toward qualifying for the National Prep Championships, which were held at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. That’s where some of the nation’s best young grapplers gathered to determine who really was the best at their respective weight classes.


There are photos of nine Baylor individuals won earned prep national titles, including the Healy brothers – Rob and Chip – who won national titles twice.


Others on that wall of fame include guys like Ralph “Mo†Trail, Lane Headrick, John Hannah, Randy Weinburg, Albert Wilson, Charlie Moore and Alex Roberts. Wilson was the last one to earn such a prestigious post-season honor and that was back in 1970.


They can now add another picture to that wall as 17-year-old Khamari Whimper won a national prep title last weekend after winning the 170-pound class with five straight wins.


And that came on the heels of his winning his second straight Division II state title in Franklin where he defeated Father Ryan’s Anthony Hagey in the championship finals by a technical fall.


That win improved his season record to 47-1 and he was honored as the Outstanding Wrestler for the private school division.


He then won five straight matches at the national tournament and was again named Outstanding Wrestler after beating a young man named Dale Tiongson from Maryland by a 9-5 final.


Whimper’s wrestling career didn’t start until the seventh grade. He also played football for several years before suffering an injury that kept him from wrestling when he was in the ninth grade.


He’s really a quiet young man who speaks in a soft tone and is very laidback in his approach to life. But once he’s inside that familiar circle known as a wrestling mat, he turns into another person when the whistle blows.


The man has a Tiger in his tank. And what starts out as a likeable young man turns into an athlete who is willing to do anything to be the best in the sport.


He thought he was ahead in the final minute of his most recent championship match until one of the Baylor coaches yelled that the score was tied and time was winding down.


Whimper didn’t panic, but in the space of about 10 seconds, he threw his opponent to his back for a takedown and back points to win, 9-5.


“I had a really good season and accomplished all the goals I set for myself,†the senior from Social Circle, Georgia said when asked about his favorite sport while relaxing in the Worsham Lounge located right outside the Baylor wrestling room.


“I finished third at the national tournament last year and really wanted to win it this year. And being named the Outstanding Wrestler was really big. I wasn’t expecting it and was talking to friends and not paying attention when they called my name,†he recalled last Saturday’s big moment.


Whimper will graduate in a couple of months and his two-year time at Baylor will be over. He’s heading to the University of Pennsylvania where he will be a member of the wrestling team. He leaves Baylor with a career record of 89-3 in two seasons.


“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Baylor. I love wrestling as it’s a rigorous sport and I like the challenge. It seems like wrestling is all that I do, but I just enjoy working out and reading in my spare time. I just want to keep getting better as my plan is to do the best I can.


“I have pretty good athletic ability and I’m faster than most, so that is where I get my advantage, but winning that national title last weekend was the most meaningful for me,†he added.


Coach Nelson is just happy that Whimper has been part of the Baylor program for the past two seasons.


“He’s done really well and he just joined a pretty elite group of Baylor wrestlers,†Nelson said Monday afternoon.


“He has a unique style of wrestling that’s really explosive and fun to watch. He’s been a real workhorse for us and one of those guys you can count on for a big when when the team needs it most. And he’s a great role model for other guys on the team.


“He works just as hard in practice as he does in a match, but it’s hard for him to find a workout partner because he’s so physical. We always put him with the heavier guys to make them work harder and they always got better as a result.


“He’s excited about going to Penn where he will be part of an outstanding wrestling program in addition to being part of an academic program at an Ivy League school.


“Khamari is almost legally blind and has a tough time seeing the numbers on the scoreboard in a match. He thought he was ahead in that match last Saturday, but we yelled to him that the score was tied and that time was running out. He had dominated the match from the beginning, but when he had to go, he made a nice throw to win.


“Some guys are explosive while others are quick and strong. Khamari has a great combination of all three and is strong enough to finish anything he starts,†the coach concluded.


Khamari Whimper’s time at Baylor wasn’t very long, but what a mark he made in his two years there.


And now as he prepares for the next step in his life, he’ll have a lot of positive memories to think about.


Winning two state titles and one national title will surely be at the top of the list. And to think he was Outstanding Wrestler in his last two high school tournaments is just icing on the cake.


(email John Hunt at [email protected])




Baylor's Khamari Whimper in action at this year's Division II state championships where he won his second straight title at the 170-pound weight classification. Whimper now has a national title to go along with his state-level wins.

- Photo2 by Dennis Norwood/File Photo





Local Collegiate Coverage in tri-cities...




LOCALS IN COLLEGE: Ty Boyd heading to national wrestling tourney


Tim Hayes | Bristol Herald CourierFeb 27, 2017 Updated 20 hrs ago 




John Whalen | Newport News Apprentice


Former Rural Retreat wrestler Ty Boyd (top) is heading to the national wrestling tournament.


Ty Boyd is headed to the National Collegiate Wrestling Association tournament and the Newport News Apprentice sophomore has one objective in mind.


“My goal at nationals is to win it,†Boyd said. “But I have to take it one match a time.â€


The former Rural Retreat High School star dominated all three of his matches on Saturday in winning the 133-pound weight class at the NCWA Mid-Atlantic Conference tourney.


“My best performance this year was the conference tournament,†Boyd said. “I have battled a few injuries this year and have been cutting a lot of weight. I feel like I’m peaking at the right time.â€


Boyd certainly looked in top form as he pinned his first two opponents in 23 and 32 seconds. He won via a 9-2 decision over Middle Tennessee State’s Daniel Clark in the finals.


“That was the first time wrestling [Clark],†Boyd said. “The key was just being aggressive and getting the first takedown. After that, I was on top and in control the rest of the match for the most part.â€


Boyd has a 14-9 record and began the season wrestling as a 149-pounder. Boyd was a two-time VHSL 1A state champion at Rural Retreat.


“This season has been one of my most difficult seasons,†Boyd said. “Going back to the preseason, I had knee surgery that set me back several months. It’s taken the whole season, but I feel like I’m back to where I need to be.â€


Boyd placed seventh and was an All-American in the 125-pound weight class last season at the national tourney. This year’s event begins on March 9 in Allen, Texas.

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Ohio Press for Greenbriar 285 and his team considered by then too be a powerhouse... Congrats to such a transformation and a having Jr Finalist Schlessman...




Former Roughrider takes

second in Tennessee




Zach Schlessman has seemed destined for big things since the day he was born.


After growing up in the area, Zach has become a high school wrestling standout in the state of Tennessee.


Zach moved to Tennessee after his freshman year at Western Reserve High School. He ended up at Greenbrier High School, a wrestling powerhouse in A-AA, which is the equivalent of Division II in Ohio.


After an exciting freshmen wrestling season in Ohio, Zach qualified at heavyweight for the state tournament in his first season at Greenbrier. As a sophomore, Schlessman was one win away from placing in the tourney. This year, as junior, he was 41-11 overall and finished second in the state tournament. Zach’s loss in the state final was to Samson Evans. Evans is the 15th four-time state champion in Tennessee history and currently is ranked No. 9 in the nation by Intermat.


“We couldn’t be more proud of him,†said his mother Julie. “It’s been a fun ride. He’s got the heart of a wrestler. I don’t know if it just comes natural to him.â€


Wrestling is in the bloodline as Schlessman’s Uncle Dave Rospert was a Div. III heavyweight state champion for St. Paul in 1989 and is his biggest inspiration as they are both standouts from the same weight class.


“My uncle and my family got me into wrestling,†said Zach. “My family is the thing I miss most about Ohio. Anytime we can, we try and make it back.â€


Zach’s Cousin Kevin Rospert also wrestled for the Flyers and graduated in 2012.


Wrestling as a Roughrider, Zach had a great time and only learned the difficulties of buckeye grappling once he left the state.


“Wrestling in Ohio is a little more intense,†said Schlessman. “In Tennessee we only have regionals, and then state.â€




Hixson Coverage from The Hunt...




Harris, Ross Celebrate State Titles For Hixson


Both Seniors Finish Prep Career On Positive Notes For Wildcats


Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - by John Hunt



Hixson's Cederick Harris, yellow singlet, found his way back for his second state wrestling championship this past month in Franklin, Tenn. Harris finished the season with a record of 35-5. His career won-lost totals stand at 100-30.

- photo by Dennis Norwood/File Photo


If the TSSAA ever started an award for Comeback of the Year honors, Hixson seniors Cederick Harris and Truman Ross would surely be nominated.


This is a real success story for these two young men.


Like so many teenagers who are faced with difficult and often not good choices, Harris and Ross were among a group of Hixson wrestlers who last year decided to follow the beat of their own drum and to do things “their way.†As a result, they were dismissed from the team.


No doubt they did a little soul searching after that happened and finally reached the point that they weren’t ready for that to be the end of their prep wrestling career.


They both approached head wrestling coach Garrick Hall and let him know that they wanted to make one more run for the money in this their final year at Hixson.


It’s safe to say they both had to pay a steep price, but they both did so without question and both were rewarded two weekends ago in Franklin as they both captured state titles in their respective weight classes, helping their teammates finish second behind Pigeon Forge.


Harris is a two-time region champ and now a three time state medalist after finishing third as a freshman at 113 and second as a sophomore at 132. Perhaps the sweetest fact of all was that his win in the state finals was his 100th career victory for the Wildcats.


He finished at 35-5 this year and is now 100-30 for his career.


“I worked for that for the last four years and I couldn’t believe it at first,†said Harris earlier this week when asked about what it felt like to win a state title.


“I felt real confident going into that match and I beat a tall, lanky kid from Alcoa in the finals. I normally score first, but I was penalized for grabbing his headgear and was behind 1-0 at the start. I ended up winning the match, 7-4,†he smiled at the memory.


“I hope to go to the senior nationals at Virginia Beach in March and I’m planning to join some branch of the military after I graduate from Hixson, but I’m just glad that I could turn things around from what happened last year. I think I learned my lesson,†he concluded.


Ross won his title at 220 pounds as he beat Red Bank’s Devon Suddeth for the third time this season, the last being by an 8-4 margin after edging him 3-2 in the regular season and 4-1 in the Region final.


He was also a previous medal winner at state after taking fourth as a sophomore at 220 pounds. His record this was 35-3 and his career mark 57-13.


“I started off pretty good, but it was a dream come true for me as my father was there to see me win,†Ross said in a quiet tone.


“I had beaten him twice going in, but knew it would be another tough match. I was excited for sure, but I couldn’t let my nerves get the best of me. Winning that match was a thrill, something I’d always worked for. I just wish the season was still going,†he nodded.


Ross is planning to enter the Tournament of Champions in Ohio and is looking to improve on a fourth-place finisher there two years ago. He also plans to join the military as his intentions are to become a Combat Engineer in the Army.


Coach Hall is just happy that things turned out the way they did, both for Harris and Hall and the rest of their Wildcat teammates as well.


Hall took the Wildcats to Franklin for the State Duals the first weekend in February and it was a miserable experience. Hixson lost its first two matches and were eliminated without experiencing a victory. They were on their way back to Chattanooga early that Saturday afternoon.


Things changed in the following week after several heart-to-heart talks between coaches and wrestlers.


Once again, the Wildcats responded in a most positive fashion to win the Region 2-A/AA tournament and advance 11 to the state the following weekend.


Seven of those 11 earned a medal as Hixson finished second to Pigeon Forge.


“I’m really proud of these two young men as they overcame a lot of adversity and paid a high price to do what they did,†Hall said later.


“Landon Goforth was my first state champion last year, so Cederick and Truman make it three. We’ve had a lot of seconds through the years and we even won the state in 2014 without a champion. But I was relaxed in the finals this time as I had a lot of confidence in both of them.


“Cederick is so much more athletic than most guys in his weight class. He got mad when he didn’t get the first takedown, but he ended up wrestling a really good match in the finals. He had to really stay focused as a student athlete this year, but he did all I asked and I’m really happy he won.


“I didn’t realize that the championship match was his 100th win until I started tabulating stats when we got home,†Hall smiled.


The coach also had plenty of good to say about Ross.


“Truman is really a hard-nosed kid and you better be ready for a battle when you step on the mat with him. He added a lot of offense this year to make himself better and he did what was necessary to get to that next level. He was one of our captains this year,†the coach added.


“Finishing second as a team was nice and I was pleased, but not satisfied. It just proved what I already knew and that we deserved to be there. Hopefully we can get back and do it again next year,†Hall concluded.


(Email John Hunt at [email protected])




Truman Ross, of Hixson, won the state wrestling title at 220-pounds this past month in Franklin, Tenn. Ross finished at 35-3 with a career record of 57-13.

- Photo2 by Dennis Norwood/File Photo








UTC Wrestling: Three Mocs Earn All-SoCon Honors


Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Three members of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga wrestling team earned postseason recognition from the Southern Conference, the league office announced today. Sophomore Chris Debien and junior


com/roster.aspx?rp_id=5556" target="_blank" aria-haspopup="true" tabindex="0" style="color: rgb(51, 102, 153);">Justin Lampe made the All-SoCon team while Dylanger Potter earned all-freshman team honors.


Debien went 7-0 in SoCon action at 133. He is 14-9 overall and enters this weekend's SoCon tournament on an eight-match winning streak.


Lampe has a 13-10 overall mark at 165, including a 6-1 tally in SoCon matches. He has won five of his last six, including a pair of pins.


Potter began the season at 149, but has moved up to 157. He scored a pin over Davidson's Aidan Conroy in the dual win on Jan. 28.


The Mocs are off to the Southern Conference Championships this weekend. Action takes place on Saturday, March 4, at McAlister Fieldhouse in Charleston, S.C.


2016-17 Wrestler of the Year

Denzel Dejournette, R-Sr., 285, Appalachian State


2016-17 Freshman of the Year

Austin Kraisser, 157, Campbell


2016-17 All-Southern Conference Team

125 Vito Pasone, R-Sr., Appalachian State

133 Chris Debien, So., Chattanooga

141 Josh Heil, Fr., Campbell

149 Ty Buckiso, Jr., The Citadel

157 Aaron Walker, Gr., The Citadel

165 Justin Lampe, Jr., Chattanooga

174 Jake Residori, R-Sr., SIUE

184 Ville Heino, R-Sr., Campbell

197 Sawyer Root, So., The Citadel

285 Denzel Dejournette, R-Sr., Appalachian State


2016-17 All-Freshman Team

Gavin Londoff, Appalachian State

Colby Smith, Appalachian State

Ben Barton, Campbell

Austin Kraisser, Campbell

Josh Heil, Campbell

Douglas Gudenburr, The Citadel

Ruston Hill II, The Citadel

Dylanger Potter, Chattanooga

Chris Beck, VMI

Cade Kiely, VMI




Congrats to Mr Landers




Cleveland's Colton Landers Finally Gets State Title


Blue Raider Wrestler Had Finished As State Runner-Up Twice Earlier


Thursday, March 2, 2017 - by John Hunt


CLEVELAND, Tenn. – The third time was certainly the charm for Cleveland’s Colton Landers.


Landers is an 18-year-old senior who was a four-year starter for the Blue Raider wrestling team.


He had finished as the state runner-up for the past two years, but finally put it all together two weeks ago when he finally claimed his first individual title.


It was a huge win for the son of Bobby and Debi Landers and the younger brother to sister Bradlee as he beat Bradley rival and defending state champ Ryan McElhaney in the championship match.


That was the fourth match between the two this year and they each won twice.  Landers won in the championship match of the Cleveland Duals before McElhaney won the regular-season match and then the regional title by a 9-7 final.


Those two losses to McElhaney were the only two defeats for Landers as he finished the season at 46-2 and his four-year career mark of 146-11.


You’ve heard about guys they call gym rats, those folks who spend every waking minute trying to improve their game.  Landers is like that about wrestling.  Even though the high school season is over, he still goes down and works out with teammates in an effort to help them get better.


And he was doing the same thing the afternoon this interview took place.


“Can you give me one more period?†he asked before wrapping up a match with teammate Cody Mathews.


“Winning a state title was a long time coming.  I lost to Ryan 9-7 in the region finals as I gave up a stupid five-point move in the first period I couldn’t come back from.  I beat him 9-4 in the state finals and all four of his points came from me letting him up,†Landers expressed while taking a quick break from his afternoon workout.


“It was finally a goal I reached I had set for a long time.  Looking back, I could have easily been a three-timer and it kind of made me angry that I wasn’t, but winning was nice,†he recalled.


“I was hoping it would be him in the finals with me as I didn’t want there to be any doubt who was better when the season ended.â€


Landers is pretty good at most sports.  He played baseball and football for many years before turning his focus to wrestling only. 


“The thing I like about wrestling is it’s an individual sport where it’s just me and one other person on the mat.  I don’t have to rely on anybody else, so when I get beat, I can’t blame anybody but myself.


“My father has every one of my matches on his computer and I watched them all to see the mistakes I made and to learn what I needed to do to capitalize on my opportunities.  I love the sport and wrestle just about every day with teammates like Austin Sweeney, Caleb Eachus and Cody. 


“They all want to get better and to win a state title too.  That’s what Chris DeBien used to do for me.  We worked out at 6 a.m. every day before he graduated,†he remembered.


Landers was the victor at 132 pounds this year and was a state finalist each of the past three years.  Only his freshman year did he fail to qualify for the final tournament in Franklin.


“I really didn’t have to cut much weight this year, but that was a problem when I was a freshman because I was in the middle of a growth spurt.  I got sick right before the region tournament that year and didn’t qualify.â€


Cleveland coach Josh Bosken is just thankful he had guys like Colton Landers on his team.


“I’m just really happy for him as you could tell a true weight had been lifted off his shoulders as soon as that match ended.  Colton’s a perfectionist and wanted to be undefeated.  He never won a region title, but he’s a student of the sport and he just loves wrestling,†Bosken said while talking to other Cleveland coaches about what they can do to be better next year.


“He’s here every day rolling around with the younger guys and he was one of our leaders for sure.  He understands his strengths and doesn’t do anything fancy.  He won more than two-thirds of his matches by pin as he gets bonus points most of the time.  It makes dual meets easy to win when you have guys like him in the lineup.


“Colton has developed a style that works.  He stays in his lane as he’s solid in every aspect of the sport.  He’s been good enough to win a state title every year, but always seemed to run into good kids along the way.  He shows no emotion one way or the other and he’s never dodged anyone.


“He wanted to beat the best to be the best and he had an awesome year,†Bosken concluded.


So what’s next for the talented young man?


“I’m planning to take a few trips to check out some schools, but I’m leaning toward UTC.  Coach Heath Eslinger has done a great job with that program and I’d love to be part of it,†Landers said.


He also has bold plans for the future as he wants to major in Biomedical Engineering with the idea of building prosthetics for a living.


One major area of his life will be ending in a couple of months with graduation, but the future is bright and this young man  will successful, no matter what he chooses to do.


He’s had an outstanding career in prep wrestling and he has plenty of stories to share about his experiences.


And the fact that he finally earned that elusive state championship may be the best of all.


(Contact John Hunt at [email protected])

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WC sends another wrestler to the next level to join Blackman's Sells @ Cumberland and several others... Notice the AD in the pic






[email protected]


Wilson Central wrestler Damon Smith signs papers Friday to continue his career at Cumberland University. Smith amassed a 60-8 record his senior season. Seated with Smith are Lora Smith, mother, and Spencer Welch, friend. Standing are Wilson Central athletic director Chip Bevis, wrestling head coach John Kramer and assistant coach Lee Allison.


Others you may remember...


Christian Varner 197


Hixson, Tenn./Hixson HS


Tanner Tidswell 133


Memphis, Tenn./Christian Brothers HS


Clifford Terrell 184/197




Jacob Rhyne 133


Greenback, Tenn./Greenback HS


Will Patton 157


Soddy Daisy, Tenn./The McCallie School


John Olivieri 165/174


Murfreesboro, Tenn./Stewarts Creek HS


Kyle Lee 149


Franklin, Tenn./Franklin HS


Stephen Jackson 285


Corryton, Tenn./Gibbs HS (King Univ.)


Nate Croley 157


Pigeon Forge, Tenn./Pigeon Forge HS


Josh Croley 174


Pigeon Forge, Tenn./Pigeon Forge HS


Dylan Coggins 125


Murfreesboro, Tenn./Stewarts Creek HS


Tyler Barber 197


Murfreesboro, Tenn./Stewarts Creek HS






More Chattanooga media tradition continues...


Tornado 10th at nationals


McCallie finished 10th in the team standings at the wrestling prep nationals last weekend at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa.


Baylor's Khamari Whimper, who is headed to Penn, won the 170-pound championship with a 9-5 victory in overtime.


McCallie heavyweight River Henry and Baylor 152-pounder Mason Reiniche were runners-up. McCallie's Ethan Dendy was fifth at 152 and the Blue Tornado's Brock Herring (132) and Judah Duhm (182) earned All-America honors with seventh-place finishes.



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UTC Has Two SoCon Wrestling Champs


Sunday, March 5, 2017



CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Chris DeBien and Bryce Carr claimed Southern Conference championships Saturday here at The Citadel.


DeBien won at 133, while Carr claimed the 184 pound class. Senior Jared Johnson placed thrid at 185 and join the two Moc winners as NCAA qualifiers. Campbell won its first SoCon team title as the Mocs finished fourth. 


Debien came into the championships as the No. 1 seed at 133 pounds.  He opened with a first-period pin over Davidson’s Dustin Runzo and advanced to the finals with an 11-6 decision over Southern Illinois-Edwardsville’s John Muldon.


In the finals, Debien took on Appalachian State’s Colby Smith.  The regular season meeting between these two was a 2-1 win by Debien, and tonight’s final was another close one.  Tied at 2-2 at the end of regulation, the match went into overtime. 


After no score in the one-minute period, Smith chose bottom for the first tiebreaker.  He reversed Debien, but was whistled for locking hands with 15 second left on the clock.  Debien escaped to tie it a 4-4, sending it to the second tiebreaker. 


There Debien chosen down and escaped.  He scored a takedown late for the 7-4 final score.  It was his 11thwin in a row as he improved to 17-9 on the season.  


“It has been such a great turnaround for Debien,†stated UTC head coach Heath Eslinger.  “He struggled in the first semester, but has really hit his stride late in the season.â€


Carr was the No. 2 seed at 184 and also opened with a pin against SIUE’s Jake Godinez.  He posted an overtime win against Gardner-Webb’s Hunter Gamble to advance to the finals where he went up against No. 17 Ville Heino of Campbell. 


These two split in the regular season, with Carr winning in the Southern Scuffle and Heino take the dual win.  Carr scored a takedown in the second period and then held off Heino for a 4-2 win. 


Carr is No. 18 in the county and has won 12 of his last 13 matches.  He is now 25-4 overall. 


“Bryce is a winner,†added Eslinger.  He loves to compete and is willing to put in the work.  I am glad to see him rewarded for his efforts.â€


Senior Jared Johnson placed third at heavyweight, taking one of three NCAA allocations at 285.  Sophomore Chase Zemenak (141), junior Justin Lampe (165) and senior Sean Mappes (174) also finished third in the tournament.


Debien, Johnson and Carr now start their preparation for the NCAA Tournament.  This year’s championships are March 16-18 in St. Louis, Mo.


Campbell won its first SoCon Championship, picking up a pair of individual titles and five NCAA berths as it edged defending champion Appalachian State at The Citadel’s McAlister Field House.


The Camels scored 89.5 team points to out-distance the Mountaineers, who finished with 86 points. SIUE was a distant third with 69.5 points, followed by Chattanooga (66), Gardner-Webb (37.5), The Citadel (33.5), VMI (9.5) and Davidson (7).




Team Scores

1. Campbell - 89.5

2. Appalachian State - 86.0

3. Southern Illinois-Edwardsville - 69.5

4. Chattanooga - 66.0

5. Gardner-Webb - 37.5

6. The Citadel - 33.5

7. VMI - 9.5

8. Davidson - 7.0




UTC Individual Results

125 - Alonzo Allen (17-13) placed 4th and scored 4.50 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Alonzo Allen (UTC) won by major decision over Charles Kearney (Citadel) (MD 16-5)

    Semifinal - Freddie Rodriguez (SIUE) won by decision over Alonzo Allen (UTC) (Dec 13-8)

    Cons. Semi - Alonzo Allen (UTC) won by decision over Dalton Henderson (VMI) (Dec 7-6)

    3rd Place Match - Vito Pasone (ASU) won by tech fall over Alonzo Allen (UTC) (TF-1.5 5:22 (18-1))


133 - Chris Debien (17-10) placed 1st and scored 14.00 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Chris Debien (UTC) won by fall over Dustin Runzo (DAV) (Fall 1:43)

    Semifinal - Chris Debien (UTC) won by decision over John Muldoon (SIUE) (Dec 11-6)

    1st Place Match - Chris Debien (UTC) won in tie breaker - 1 over Colby Smith (ASU) (TB-1 7-4)


141 - Chase Zemenak (10-4) placed 3rd and scored 8.00 team points.

    Quarterfinal - John Reed (VMI) won by fall over Chase Zemenak (UTC) (Fall 3:53)

    Cons. Round 1 - Chase Zemenak (UTC) won by major decision over Ryan Hull (GWU) (MD 18-6)

    Cons. Semi - Chase Zemenak (UTC) won by major decision over Trevor Feagans (SIUE) (MD 19-7)

    3rd Place Match - Chase Zemenak (UTC) won by major decision over Douglas Gudenburr (Citadel) (MD 11-3)


149 - Roman Boylen (3-13) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Tyler Buckiso (Citadel) won by decision over Roman Boylen (UTC) (Dec 7-3)

    Cons. Round 1 - Aidan Conroy (DAV) won by decision over Roman Boylen (UTC) 3-13 (Dec 3-2)


157 - Dylanger Potter (9-18) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Aaron Walker (Citadel) won by major decision over Dylanger Potter (UTC) (MD 14-2)

    Cons. Round 1 - Gavin Londoff (ASU) won by decision over Dylanger Potter (UTC) (Dec 3-0)


165 - Justin Lampe (15-11) placed 3rd and scored 10.50 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Justin Lampe (UTC) won by fall over Noah Satterfield (DAV) (Fall 2:03)

    Semifinal - Forrest Przybysz (ASU) won by decision over Justin Lampe (UTC) (Dec 1-0)

    Cons. Semi - Justin Lampe (UTC) won by fall over Cade Kiely (VMI) (Fall 3:20)

    3rd Place Match - Justin Lampe (UTC) won by major decision over Clayton Bass (SIUE) (MD 13-3)


174 - Sean Mappes (17-10) placed 3rd and scored 9.00 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Sean Mappes (UTC) won by fall over Conor Fenn (DAV) (Fall 3:45)

    Semifinal - Austin Trott (GWU) won by decision over Sean Mappes (UTC) (Dec 1-0)

    Cons. Semi - Sean Mappes (UTC) won by decision over Angel Najar (ASU) (Dec 8-2)

    3rd Place Match - Sean Mappes (UTC) won by tech fall over Conor Fenn (DAV) (TF-1.5 2:20 (19-0))


184 - Bryce Carr (25-4) placed 1st and scored 14.00 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Bryce Carr (UTC) won by fall over Jake Godinez (SIUE) (Fall 3:10)

    Semifinal - Bryce Carr (UTC) won in sudden victory - 2 over Hunter Gamble (GWU) (SV-2 4-2)

    1st Place Match - Bryce Carr (UTC) won by decision over Ville Heino (Campbell) (Dec 4-2)


197 - Ira Dent (7-7) place is unknown and scored 0.50 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Randall Diabe (ASU) won by fall over Clay Dent (UTC) (Fall 7:41)

    Cons. Round 1 - Clay Dent (UTC) won by decision over Ryan Devlin (DAV) (Dec 6-3)

    Cons. Semi - Willie Bivens (Campbell) won by decision over Clay Dent (UTC) (Dec 6-5)


285 - Jared Johnson (26-7) placed 3rd and scored 5.50 team points.

    Quarterfinal - Jared Johnson (UTC) won by decision over Joseph Bexley (Citadel) (Dec 6-0)

    Semifinal - Jere Heino (Campbell) won by major decision over Jared Johnson (UTC) (MD 13-3)

    Cons. Semi - Jared Johnson (UTC) won by decision over Boyce Cornwell (GWU) (Dec 7-0)

    3rd Place Match - Jared Johnson (UTC) won by decision over Joseph Bexley (Citadel) (Dec 6-1)




Individual champions/NCAA qualifiers

125 – Freddie Rodriguez, SIUE

133 – Chris Debien, Chattanooga

141 – Josh Heil, Campbell

149 – Matt Zovistoski, Appalachian State

157 – Ryan Mosley, Gardner-Webb

165 – Quentin Perez, Campbell

174 – Jake Residori, SIUE

184 – Bryce Carr, Chattanooga

197 – Jake Tindle, SIUE

HWT – Denzel Dejournette, Appalachian State




Additional NCAA allocations

125 – Nathan Kraisser, Campbell; Vito Pasone, Appalachian State

157 – Aaron Walker, The Citadel

184 – Ville Heino, Campbell; Hunter Gamble, Gardner-Webb 

HWT – Jere Heino, Campbell; Jared Johnson, Chattanooga




Southern Conference Coach of the Year

Cary Kolat, Campbell




Tournament Most Outstanding Wrestler

Ryan Mosley, Gardner-Webb

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The Hunt Pumps up our great sport again...




Fuller, Hicks, Mathews Celebrate Titles For Bradley


Bears Finish Season With Two More Team Championships


Monday, March 6, 2017 - by John Hunt


CLEVELAND, Tenn. – This is a story about the three Bears.


The high school wrestling season is over, but what a memorable season it was for the Bradley Bears as they repeated as double state champions by winning the duals and traditional tournaments in Franklin.


The Bears have built quite a reputation in recent years with coaches like Turner Jackson, Steve Logsdon, Chad Laxton and now Ben Smith leading the way.


The Bears have earned 26 state team titles along the way and have won 69 individual titles, including three this year.


Knox Fuller, T.J. Hicks and Austin Mathews all celebrated on the top step of the podium after winning their respective weight classes as Bradley waltzed to another team title.


Fuller won his fourth straight title and becomes just the second Bradley wrestler to accomplish that feat while Hicks is now the fifth Bear to win for the third time.  Mathews was a first-time champion.


Fuller’s pin over Soddy Daisy’s Tony Wilson completed an undefeated senior season where he was 58-0.  As you might expect, he was a unanimous pick as the AAA Outstanding Wrestler.  His career record stands at a gaudy 162-4, which is a winning percentage of 97.5. He is also a four-time region champ.


“That was the goal, so it was pretty big for me,†the 18-year-old son of Erin Alford and Roger Fuller said of his most recent state title.


“I thought I might have been in contention for OW, but a pin is what I wanted in the finals.  The first state title was one of the most memorable, but this last one hasn’t had time to sink in yet,†he said after joining the late, great Matt Keller as Bradley’s only four-time state champ.


“I was kind of scared as a freshman as I was skinny, weak and young, but I worked hard and I’ve gotten a lot stronger in the off-season.  I can be really flexible at times, but I’ve wrestled for so long that I really don’t have to think about what to do,†he responded with a smile.


Fuller reports to West Point on July 3 where he will wrestle for former Soddy Daisy standout Kevin Ward.  As you might expect, his daily workouts will continue as he stays in shape, but he just wants to enjoy time with family and friends until then.


Hicks is the 17-year-old son of Tommy and Tracy Hicks.  He has an older sister Sam, but he is the oldest of triplets, including Amanda and Trey, who was Bradley’s 120-pounder this season.


He too has an impressive record as he was 45-1 for the season, his only loss in overtime to Cleveland’s Garret Bowers in their dual meet on January 12.  He was unbeaten last year and his career mark is now an impressive 125-2.  Overall, he lost four matches after finishing runner-up at the NHSCA Junior Nationals at Virginia Beach last year and third at the Flo Nationals.


T.J. now joins guys like Quinn Gibson, Shawn Cordell, David Graham and Toribio Navarro as three-time state champs.


“It was okay,†T.J. responded on his feelings about the season that just ended.


“I was undefeated last year and hoped to be again this year, but I ended up beating Bowers four times this year.  I’m part of a very elite club at Bradley, but last year was a lot better as I won all 49 matches and had 40 pins.  That one loss this year put a damper on the whole season.â€


The loss to Bowers was his first since November 2014 when he lost to Archer’s Alex Smith at the Archer Duals.  He got beat out in challenge matches as a freshman by Ryan McElhaney, but has been the starter ever since.


“As soon as my freshman year ended, I saw myself as our starter at 106 the next year.  I’ve had a good career at Bradley and I never really felt like I was in any danger of losing this year.  I beat Christian Simpson 10-1 in the finals of the Father Ryan tournament and he was probably my toughest match,†he said of the three-time champ for the Purple Irish.


T.J. is looking to wrestle at UTC next fall as he pursues a major in education.


“I hope to be a high school teacher in history or physical education and I also want to coach wrestling,†he expressed what his future plans include.


Hicks beat Brayden Palmer of Beech in the championship finals this year as Palmer suffered his first loss of the year when Hicks prevailed 3-0.


“I was hoping to beat him worse than I did, but he just laid on bottom the whole time.  I was disappointed the score wasn’t worse, but I just go out and wrestle and I don’t hang my hat on three state titles,†he said.


Mathews wasn’t sure how many matches he won, although he admitted that he was forty-something and four overall.


“It was awesome as I was so excited to finally have all the hard work pay off,†he said in response to his 6-3 decision over Blackman’s Landon Fowler in the championship finals at 152 pounds.


“I finished third in the state last year and was a two-year starter, but I feel honored to be a Bradley state champion as there’s been a long tradition before me.  I just went out and did my job.â€


“I felt a little relief when Trevor Rippy of Beech got beat in the semis.  He was the guy expected to win my weight class, but the kid I beat pinned him in the semis.  I knew if I could stay off bottom that I could win the match, but it was a big moment for me.


“It was also bittersweet as that was the end wrestling for Bradley, but it was really exciting.  I’m planning to wrestle in college next year, but I’m just not sure where right now,†explained the son of Brent and Missy Mathews.


This young man has come a long way since the beginning.


“I’ve grown up and matured, but I was the fat, annoying kid that nobody liked at the start as I was always bugging the older guys,†he admitted.


And what about his future plans?


“I’m planning to be a special ed teacher.  I’m part of the peer tutoring program and I’ve completely fallen in love with those kids.  I’ve learned so much from them and my involvement with them has shown me how much I care about the progress they make,†he concluded.


“I love these guys like my own children,†Smith said when asked about what they mean to him personally and the Bradley wrestling program.


“We’ve grown up together as they were four and five years old with I first started coaching with the kids club in 2003.  I know I’ll never have 20 titles like Steve Logsdon, but it’s nice to have an OW, a four-time winner and a three-timer.


“It’s always fun to look at stats, but my goal is to help these guys become outstanding young men who will make positive contributions in our community.  All the other stuff is just icing on the cake.


“I’m really pleased with how our season ended.  We faced some adversity early, but I’m glad we could bounce back.  A lot of other teams would have imploded with two losses to Cleveland like we had, but we never wavered from our plan.


“We had our eyes on February and it’s nice that it paid off.  But I’m relieved the season is over.  Last year, we were the hunter, but this year we were the hunted and it seemed less enjoyable.  Everything has to go right to win a state championship.  Losing to Cleveland the way we did was tough, but the more we wrestled them, the better it was for us.


“Knox is a special young man who always seems to make the right decisions.  He’s very self-motivated and a lot of kids ran from him this year, but he never lost focus.


“T.J. is a whole lot like me personality wise.  He’s hard-nosed kid who taught me a lot about patience.


“Austin is what Bradley wrestling is all about.  He went from an average middle-school kid to a state champion.  He never quit as he was always working.  He’s a true gentleman and a fine outstanding young man, but when the whistle blows, he gets after it.


“His winning was not a surprise to us, but it was to a lot of folks.  Knox and T.J. were expected to win,†Smith concluded.


All the hard work and long practices are over for Knox Fuller, T. J. Hicks and Austin Mathews.  The hay is in the barn and these guys have been richly rewarded for paying the price of success.


And that’s what makes the job so much fun for guys like Ben Smith.


(Email John Hunt at [email protected])

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Historic Coverage for Boyd Buchanan...






Zane Williams First State Champ For Boyd-Buchanan


Senior Class President Also Active In Rodeo Activities


Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - by John Hunt




Boyd-Buchanan's Zane Williams, left, celebrates his state wrestling championship with his dad, Wes, a volunteer assistant coach for the Bucs. Williams became the first-ever Boyd-Buchanan wrestler to win a state championship this past February at the state tournament in Franklin, Tenn. 

- photo by Dennis Norwood/File Photo


Boyd-Buchanan has never been known as a powerhouse in high school wrestling, but first-year head coach Shane Turner is in the process of changing that.


The Buccaneers don’t have a practice area to call their own and they don’t even own a complete mat, but that’s about to change as well.


The Boyd-Buchanan wrestling story reached a new high about three weeks ago when Zane Williams earned the first-ever state championship on the mat.


The Bucs had six wrestlers this year and four qualified for the state tournament.  Three of them earned medals, but none any bigger than Williams, who capped off a sensational season with a 4-3 win over Chattanooga Christian’s Justin Wheeler in the 152-pound championship.


Williams has been wrestling since he was five and this year was his third year to take part in the state tournament.  He won two matches as a freshman, but didn’t earn a medal.  He suffered his second ACL injury as a sophomore and wasn’t able to wrestle, but came back to finish fifth at 160 last year.


And now, he fulfills a life-long dream of becoming the first state champ in the history of the school as he finished his final season with sterling record of 45-2.


“I’m pretty ecstatic over how things turned out.  Justin and I have been wrestling each other since the seventh grade and we’ve probably wrestled at least 10 times.  This year we met three times and he beat me 3-2 during our first match before I beat him 1-0 in the region final.


“We worked all week preparing for that last match.  I knew I had to stay calm and I was real relaxed.  I got the first takedown and later escaped to go up 3-0.  I got penalized for stalling before he got a reverse to make it 3-3, but I got an escape with about 30 seconds left in the match to win,†Williams relived that unforgettable experience.


“I was at my peak for the state tournament as I felt like I could compete with anyone in my weight class.  I got an extremely good draw,†the son of Wes and Kelia Williams remembered.


High school wrestling is now a thing in the past for him, but that doesn’t mean his athletic endeavors have ended.  Most folks don’t know but this young man is a big-time participant in rodeo activities.


He specializes in calf roping and steer wrestling and he’s gotten pretty good in team roping with his cousin Will Watkins, also a senior at Boyd-Buchanan.  He’ll be competing a couple of times this month and is pointing toward the national finals in Wyoming, which will be held in July.


And he has plans to attend Lee University in the fall where he wants to study pre-med as he works toward becoming an orthopedic surgeon.


“It’s nice to have little kids look up to you as I try to be a good example and it’s also nice to finally win a state title.  I set that as one of my new year’s resolutions when I was in the second grade, so it’s something I’ve been working toward for a long time,†the Boyd-Buchanan senior class president admitted.


Turner has coached more than his share of state champions during his career on the sideline, but none any more significant than the latest.


“Zane is one of the most remarkable young men I’ve ever been around as he’s smart, he’s athletic and a true Southern gentleman.  He’s what I’m hoping my two sons will grow up to be like.  We couldn’t ask for a better representative of this school, but he’s just an outstanding human being,†the coach praised while taking a break this week in the school’s student center.


“He’s not the most gifted athlete I’ve ever been around, but he’s a tough wrestler and a real grinder.  He’s not overly quick or powerful, but he’s a gamer and very coachable as he bought into what we had to suggest concerning his diet, his cardiovascular workouts and pre-season lifting.


“I told him that he’d have to win a bunch of close matches to win the state and that’s exactly what he did.  He doesn’t blow anybody away, but he’s hard to score on.  We just hope he has one more point than the other guy when the final whistle blows.


“He’s done a lot for this program and this school as he’s set the bar pretty high.  But being a state champion in wrestling is now attainable and if he can do it, others can too.  But he’s as mentally tough as anyone I’ve ever coached,†Turner continued.


“Zane had no workout partner, no practice room and no full-time coach and he’s been through two ACL procedures.  He had every reason for failure, but he refused to accept any of them.  The pressure was building as he was running out of time, but he finally reached the goal he had set so many years ago.


“I was probably more excited for that win than any other as we finally broke the ice.  This school deserves to have a state wrestling champion and every person here is part of it.


“This program is headed in the right direction as we’re getting ready to break ground on a new fitness building that will include a wrestling room and a new weight room.  There will be no more wrestling on the stage,†Turner concluded with a smile.


Zane Williams has been a student at Boyd-Buchanan for the past 13 years as he got started in the pre-K program.  His time on this campus will end sooner than later, but what a mark he’s made during his time there.


And while the success of the Buccaneer wrestling program continues to grow in the coming years, Zane Williams is the first to ever win a state title.


And that’s something nobody will ever forget.


(email John Hunt at [email protected])



Boyd-Buchanan head wrestling coach Shane Turner leaps into the arms of assistant coach Wes Williams after the Bucs' 152-pound wrestler, Zane Williams, won Boyd-Buchanan's first-ever state championship. Wes is Zane's father. 

- Photo2 by Dennis Norwood/File

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Stunning news from Tennessee's second largest paper...


Papa Bear moving on...






Wrestling coach Lewis leaving CBHS for MUS


Longtime Christian Brothers High wrestling coach Chris Lewis is headed across town to coach Memphis University School.


Chris Desmond/The Commercial Appeal files


John Varlas | USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee10:03 a.m. CT March 9, 2017


The wrestling rivalry between CBHS and MUS has been pretty one-sided in recent years. That will likely change starting next winter.


Chris Lewis, who has built the Purple Wave into one of the state's top programs and the dominant one in Shelby County, is leaving the Brothers after 26 years to take the head coaching job with the Owls. He'll replace Steve Hendricks, who is retiring.


Vote now:I Am Sport Award, presented by Nike


"My wife sent me a video a few months ago and in the video the speaker said, 'sometimes, you have to take a chance if you want to be happy,'" said Lewis on a Facebook post Wednesday. "Twenty-six years at CBHS, so many friends, memories. It has become my professional identity.


"I am honored MUS offered me this opportunity and I will work hard to make the make the wrestling program competitive locally and statewide. Fifty-one years old and a chance to write a new chapter in my life. ... So here I go, feet first, baby."


Lewis guided the Brothers to 17 regional championships, two Division 2 state duals titles and one state individual title. CBHS is the only west Tennessee school to win a state wrestling title. He's won two state coach of the year awards and has been The Commercial Appeal's top coach nine times.



His last CBHS team finished in third place at last month's individual state meet and produced five wrestlers that advanced to the championship match in their respective weight classes with Trevor Brown winning the title at 138.


In 2001, Lewis founded a youth wrestling club that has almost 100 boys participating each year.


A graduate of Rhodes College, Lewis began his teaching and coaching career at now-closed Bishop Byrne.

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