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Two Motor Combo Curveball Pitching Machine $399

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Just because winter has arrived doesn't mean you have to go into hibernation. Stock up on training gear to make the most of the training season. Introducing Summer Free Fall Week. We are making five each of the packages below available at the advertised prices. Once they are gone they are gone.



Pro Combo Pitching Machine


Throws up to and over 100mph accurate fastballs and curves 2 wheels and 2 separate motors allow for the creation of practically any pitch type.


High Quality Heavy Duty Construction 5 year transferable warranty Great for personal, league, high school or college program useIf you are looking for a high quality high performance machine that can throw breaking balls and fastballs at speeds up to and over 100 mph, the FirstPitch Two Wheel Curve is for you!


With a top speed of over 100mph This machine has all the power and accuracy you need for batting practice against curve ball and different pitches As with all their pitching machine models they have a full five year warranty and a thirty day return policy on this machine.


$399.99 (Last 2 available) 




3000 Club Combo


First Pitch Original Combo Pitching Machine (Pitches real baseballs or softballs up to 80 MPH)

22' Heater Home Batting Cage

Jugs Hitting Stick

Pik Swift Stick

50 Ball Feeder

24 light white balls

24 light range balls






Gut Check Package


1: Transformer Sled


1: High Impact 24 Inch Plyo Box


1: 20KG Olympic Bar (Rated for 1500 pounds)


2: Power Bands Sets


50' Poly Dacron Battle Rope


4: 25 KG Bumper Plates


4: 20 KG Bumper Plates


4: 15 KG Bumper Plates


4 10 KG Bumper Plates






Train Insane Package


(4) 40 Pound Weight Vest


(2) Power Bands Sets


(6) Speed Chutes (2 L, 2 XL, 2 Speed 6)


(3) 16’ Agility Ladders


(12) Adjustable Mini Hurdles


(1) War Sled Heavy sled Includes 1200D shoulder harness


(1) Advanced Harness Unit


(4) Step Over Bag Dummies


(2) Portable Power Jump


(2) Farmers Walk Bars







High Impact Plyo Box Bundle


A full set of safe high impact plyo boxes at a price that can't be beat


1: 36" x 30" x 24" High Impact Plyo Box


1: 36" x 30" x 18" High Impact Plyo Box


1: 36" x 30" x 12" High Impact Plyo Box






Chutes And Ladders


10 weight vest (40 pounds, weights included)


10 XL 72x72 Speed Chutes


10 Deluxe 16' Agility Ladders


10 Resistance Band







Pro Team Package


10 weight vest (40 pounds, weights included)


10 XL 72x72 Speed Chutes


10 Deluxe 16' Agility Ladders


6 Adjustable Plyo Boxes (2 of each size we carry: 32, 36, 48)


20 Resistance Bands






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