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Station Camp violations

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So I just read the report in the Tennessean about this incident in a kentucky tournament were they had to leave the championship game and 2 suspended and 1 kicked off. Due to what they called team violations not a hazing incident. I dont buy that why mention hazing if there was no hazing? Just say team violations and leave it at that. Also said name of player dismissed was not mentioned? Why not?  The other 2 kids names were mentioned...anyone know anything about this? who got dismissed? what went on? Seems a little bit iffy to me...just curious and concerned 

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I really can't believe how a kid with D-1 offers goes off and does things like they disc. Kids these days go to far . I can tell you that it was nothing sexual . IMO I still call it hazing . I am amazed the police didn't file any reports . I am not a police officer and not going to attempt to know what qualifies to file a report . All in all this might just help station camp if they can focus on basketball and not the distractions .,I still give gallatin the edge and always have . Would love to see that game .

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Not sure if Massey has known this has been going on there for years and he hasn't stopped it and now still keeps his job .

On brighter note great game other night . Hope freeman has put it behind him . Scores 27 and best gallatin by 2 .

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Channel 4 just had a pretty lengthy story about this. They interviewed a former player and father in the dark that both stated he had seen teammates in 2014 that were branded. Ch 4 also reported that at least 6 former players and parents came forward and said this had been happening for several years. They tried to interview the AD at the school and he asked them to leave

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