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South Central Tennessee BASS Nation High School Trail


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South Central Tennessee Region Schedule (High School/Junior)
and Rules/Guidelines/Entry Fees

Sept 9 2017, Nickajack (Shellmound) 
Oct 7, 2017, Old Hickory (Bulls Creek-Flippers) 
Oct 21, 2017, Tims Ford (Bass Club Ramp/Winchester City Park)
November 11, 2017, Percy Priest (Fate Sanders) (State Open Fee only)
February 17, 2018, Tims Ford (Bass Club Ramp/Winchester City Park) (bad weather date 24 Feb 2018)
Mar 10, 2018, Normandy (Barton Springs Ramp)
Mar 17, 2018, Woods Reservoir (Morris Ferry) 
Apr 21, 2018, Old Hickory (Bulls Creek-Flippers) (Region Championship)

***South Central Tennessee Region Guidelines***
For the purpose of these rules the following definitions apply:
Team – two anglers which fish together for the entire year
District School – Any school which fields two teams which fish 4 out of the District/Region Tournaments 
All Organizational DUES must be paid prior to fishing first tournament: Which includes $10 to BASS, $10 to BASS Nation and $10 to Tennessee BASS Nation. Total of $30 per angler. There is NO district dues this year.
** Boat Captains must have required $300,000 insurance coverage 
** Entry Fees – High School $30 per team and Juniors $10 per team
** Combined tournaments: Teams will pay State entry fees only
** Pre-Registration will be Monday through 6pm Friday via email to [email protected]
** Tournament Registration will be morning of Tournament 
*** All entries are due to director nlt 35 minutes prior to launch
*** We will draw launch positions 30 minutes prior (teams arriving after draw will be next available position)
** Junior Angler Tournaments will be held same day as High School and will start 30 minutes after HS Launch and will
weigh in one hour prior to High School Teams. 
** District Points Champions (Team)…best of 4 out of 7 tournaments plus the District Championship
** Top District School…best two teams points, 4 out of 7 tournaments plus best team finish at District 
** To qualify for district championship a team must fish 2 district events
** Winner of District Championship goes to The National Championship
** The rest of the seats for the National championship out of the District will be points based best of 4 
Out of 7 tournaments plus the District Championship
** In the event that a team qualifies through BASS Southern Open, state and/or district the district retains said slot and 
the team honors highest earned slot for National Championship
** Number of seats are based upon the number of individuals that fish at one District event, 1 slot for 
every 50 individuals or 25 boats
** Each team gets one mulligan…which means for some reason at no fault of one of the team partners, 
the other partner cannot make a given tournament one member of that team will be allow to fish 
** If your partner for academic, physical reasons or gets removed from the team, the remaining angler 
keeps all points. 
** If you Divorce, points will NOT be carried forward
** Dead fish is ½ pound per dead fish

Coaches and Asst. Coaches only: If you have questions please ask here so that I’m not answering the same question 43 times….If you feel the need please call or text me at 615.613.2382 or email me at [email protected]

Parents/Boat Captains/Anglers: Please, Please Please…Unless it is an absolute emergency route ALL questions through your team coaches…I DO NOT want 450 calls/messages/emails please

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