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AAA Info Needed

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Surprise, TSSAA still hasn't updated the bracket and Regionals are tomorrow.  Who won the Knoxville District.  I assume it was Farragut and HV.  Also, can Morristown or TN high beat either team in Sectionals?

In MT we have Wood, Raven and Siegal.  Page lost a 5 set classic against Ravenwood, rough on them, and all of us, them moving up to AAA.  Ravenwood is getting better and will be a strong opponent in the Regionals, and we are banged up.  Siegal won't be challenged, so the 5 teams referenced are it.  I thought HV looked great early in the year.

Good luck to all.

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I posted this in another thread as well but here you go! :)

AAA Region 2 tournament is tomorrow night at 5pm at Oak Ridge High School.

Hardin Valley (#1 District 3) vs. Bearden (#2 District 4) and

Oak Ridge (#1 District 4) vs. Heritage (#2 District 3)

District 3 Rankings: (according to CoachT)

Hardin Valley


Lenoir City



South Doyle

William Blount

District 4 Rankings: (according to CoachT)

Oak Ridge



Campbell County





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This really surprises me.  I saw HV at the Knoxville tournament and knew they would be good, but was this an upset?  Do you have any information about Heritage?  How did Farragut fall to 4th?  Don't they do a double elimination format that takes several days, if so who beat them and scores?  How does Heritage stack up against HV?  Can Oak Ridge beat Heritage?  What about the tri cities teams?  This got interesting.



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Hardin Valley is ranked 4th in state in AAA.  They've been super strong all season...very consistent play. Farragut is having an off season and are currently ranked #47 in state.  Heritage is ranked #21 and Oak Ridge is ranked #12.  I know nothing about Heritage this year, havent seen them play.  I think it'll be Hardin Valley and Oak Ridge in Regional finals match.  I think Oak Ridge will play Hardin Valley hard but Hardin Valley will in all likelihood come out on top.  Hardin Valley beat Oak Ridge 25-11, 25-13, 25-17 in regular season play. 

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