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JD Overton Out at Halls

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4 hours ago, catswild said:

Lol...you are right Sweets! This is an incomparable lapse in judgment. I’m not sure if the Halls community will ever recover! Now they must deal with “hazing allegations”!!!!! 

Praying for the Halls community. I hope they can get this thing untangled, Cats.

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Ask JEREMY BOSKEN's former assistant coaches why they quit under him. He could not keep anyone because he treats everyone terrible. He will show his true colors soon enough. Jonesborough was sick of him and his attitude. The boys were all quiting the team because he was such a horrible person. My son stuck it out till graduation but he hated every minute of BOSKEN. As for his "christian" beliefs and behavior, go to a practice and you will see just how "christian" he really is. It is an eye opener. 


Read up on the HAZING incident, he left town because parents were furious he allowed their children to be victimized in his care. He then protected a star player and left the blame on less talented players. There is a lawsuit pending against the school and him. 


…James Murphy, Washington County Schools’ secondary director of attendance and discipline, said two seniors and two underclassmen have so far been remanded to alternative school after the district’s own investigation.

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Nothing posted from April 26 until September 11 (8 hours ago).  What has happened that has caused these most recent posts?  I know they are 1-2 with a number of players that have been injured, but this can't be blamed on the head coach unless he is not following contact limitations set forth by TSSAA.  

Good luck this week to the Red Devil fans, players and coaches.

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Not suspicious at all. Wasn't aware of this thread or forum till now. No bashing either, those are all facts. I hope your team has a better experience with him than we did. He seems great at first, but his true colors will come out. This was just to give a warning and let you know who he really is. 

I would be thankful if someone had warned us instead of being shocked and disappointed in a coach that my son spent countless hours with. 

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