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AA Teams to Watch 2018

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17 hours ago, knightsfan said:

What I think I have learned with Camden is, people can have more talent than them, but the key to beat them is to not commit errors, or hurt yourself in any way. If you can keep from doing that, and you have some talent then I personally believe you can beat Camden. I mean I believe, outside of setter and coaching, that Portland, Hume-Fogg, and Nolensville probably had more talent than Camden, but make a lot more errors than them when they play. My gut had been telling me that the finals would be Portland and Knox Catholic again, because if those teams don't make errors against Camden, then I think they can beat them. Now don't get me wrong, i have a TON of respect for Camden, and I do think they are VERY GOOD, So I can definitely be wrong here. That is just my opinion. 

I agree.  The key to beating Camden is to minimize errors.  Their coach have them locked in and they come to play.

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Very proud of the Lady Irish. Two big wins yesterday is made more impressive considering they are down 2 or maybe 3 girls that have started that are out with injuries.

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What do you all think of the double elimination format with the final being one game? Tough to go through the winners bracket unbeaten with the possibility of finishing runner-up with one loss.

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Well, I think everyone (including Camden themselves) thought they would do better in this tourney than they did. East Hamilton really had their number, and I for one, really under-estimated them. (EH)

Portland and Knoxville Cath seem to easily be the two best teams in the AA tourney... and what a classic they had earlier today that sets up an epic final tomorrow! It's gonna be a battle...Can't wait to watch that one! 

Since this is the last year for Knoxville Cath in Division 1-AA I am assuming they are gonna be ALL IN for this - their last shot at a state title in this division. Portland would love nothing more than to spoil that party!

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Yes Div II. Not sure of classification. Grace Christian Franklin also moving for 2019.

Columbia Academy and Trinity Christian (Jackson) probably won't be far behind. I think these are the last 4 private holdouts left in Div 1. 

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Congrats to Portland and Knox Catholic on making the Championship game, and to all the teams who made it to Murfreesboro.  So proud of the East Hamilton girls who played their guts out for 5 great matches (EH sure didn't get any help from the draw :) ). 

Nothing personal against KC (a really great team), but I'll be pulling for the PUBLIC school, Portland, in the championship game.

Completely enjoyed the Wednesday action at MTSU.  Was great to watch the Single A winner's bracket final between Loretto and Watertown.  Great student sections from small towns cheering on their teams in a thriller.  It's an opportunity those towns wouldn't get if the TSSAA had not pushed the private schools into their own divisions (at least almost all of the private schools, hint, hint).

Greatest scene though was leading into the two loser's bracket finals.  Prior to official warm-up time, sound guy blasts the Electric Slide.  Several Sale Creek and Watertown players and a few from East Hamilton break into the dance routine.  Following the Electric Slide came Cotton-Eyed Joe, this actually led to ALL FOUR competing teams going over to the Single A court and dancing TOGETHER.  No scores being kept, just good old fashion girls having fun.  A true example of sportsmanship and how sports can bring people together.   If the TSSAA doesn't somehow get a video of that happening, they're missing a great marketing opportunity.

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