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District 8AA

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Super young, have freshman coming off the bench, 2 seniors that start but don't have experience when it comes to pressure. This group didn't see much court time last year behind a group of 6 seniors. Most of the losses came in games that were in Christmas Tournament play. Losses were close and came at the end.

3 hours ago, LesterJWayne said:

York is a very talented, well balanced team that can compete with about anyone.

Watertown starts 4 seniors. They're scrappy and tough to put away. They defend well and just keep coming at you. York swept them relatively easily. They played LA within single digits all 3 games, but lost each time. They split with UHS winning by 10 in Watertown. 

What happened with Cumberland Co during that 8 game losing stretch in the middle of the season? All of their game scores look close except for those 2 blowout losses to Stone, but they're overall record is obviously less than stellar.


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Upperman has no real issue with Livingston and led wire to wire. Sells was fairly quite he had 3 points in the 1st half. I think Rush had 14 rebounds at half time. Time for the region.

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Upperman will be significantly better this season than they were last year with a deeper bench. I have not really kept up with the rest of the district. I know LA, Watertown and YI lost quality players to graduation. LA still has Sells. Dekalb and Cannon should be improved.

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On 8/6/2019 at 3:25 PM, UpperCumberlandMan said:

Predictions for 2019-2020? 

1. Upperman is going to win it all. Return 4 of the starting 5 and added a big from a different country and his dad played at TTU

2. York lost some players, but return Smith and Meadows. Still a very big team. The freshman point guard last year should be much improved this season.

3. LA still has the best player in the district and a great coach that will find ways to get him the ball, but I know they lost a lot of starters.

4. Watertown lost a lot of players and starters, but they return their PG. Other than him I am not sure what else they have.

From there on out I am not real sure how the district will shake out because I do not know what the other teams are returning, but I do know Smith County with Sanders at the helm will be much improved and better coached and they had some kids come out and make the team that can play well. I could see them surprising some people this season. Not real sure how Sanders in Dekalb will do. He lost a lot of seniors after winning  a few games but when they played Smith last year his team did not seem to have the energy his teams at Smith had, but I hope he does well down there. Anyone got anything on Macon, Dekalb, or Cannon? Smith has a few good players, but they have not played in years and most are in football right now.

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