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Clarksville/Montgomery County

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16 hours ago, GatorBodine3 said:

Well Northwest hires one of thier assistant coaches, I guess we will see how he does.

Any news about a knight or eagle coach leaving? 

Also APSU coach leaves for another team.   

Did Northwest even interview anyone?  I know for a fact of some very good coaches that applied or sent in a resume' & did not even get a courtesy email or phone call.  

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2 minutes ago, shiff53 said:

They had an idea who they wanted before they posted the spot, probably before Vernon even resigned honestly...


I have no problem with them if they know who their target is from the get/go.  Don't waste anyone's time.  Go get him.  Good deal.

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I hope he does good, but we will see how he does. I would like to see a Clarksville school make it past the second round. 

I bet they still beat west creek, how thier coach keeps his job is crazy to me. 


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1 hour ago, PoleCat56 said:

Heard Watson is trying to get out of NE. Is the well running dry with talent orbhe wants to get away from the chaos he caused from not knowing the transfer rule? 

Or maybe he wants to get out of a county that doesn't support HS FB like other parts of the state do. NE is never going to lack for talent

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2 hours ago, WRudolph2003 said:

Be really difficult to hire someone coming off a scandal like they had this season. Don’t see it happening but I have been wrong before. Definitely an awkard interview question that’s for sure.

Scandal is a little bit over the top. While unfortunate, instances like this happen, doesn't take from Watson's ability as a coach or what he has done at NE.

If he gets passed over for a job, it won't be because he slipped on some paperwork

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6 minutes ago, WRudolph2003 said:

Paperwork and knowing the rules are not important, got it. I am glad you clarified that for everyone. 


Knowingly violating the rules is one thing. What happened at NE was a honest mistake. But by all means, hire someone who's more worried about the rulebook than putting a competitive product on the field. 

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