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Mairvul 2019....Get tha littull fellers on tha gravy trane

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22 hours ago, BarneySox2007 said:

Don't forget the new Duncan's Donut Shop opens tomorrow morning in Maryville. I expect Red Rebels to be there at 5 A.M. sharp.


Sum ov momma's peepull wint earlee and got runnoft az usuwull......:hungry:


Image result for fat woman eating donuts

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5 hours ago, Red Rebels said:


I thought your truck was red?

Someone might want to pass that word on to the Judges at Blount County. I was at First Tennessee yesterday and thought it may be faster to swing through the Justice Center and catch the light but it turned green and the the car in front of me was on the phone talking not paying attention so I had to blow the horn so he would remember he was in a car not his office. The license plate plainly had Judiciary on the bottom of it. Maybe him and whoever he was taking to was about the New Donut Store opening down the street.

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I saw a Judge and his brother badge into the High School so they could exit into the stadium during the playoffs. Now, maybe they had tickets and were saving some steps. I don’t really know. You be the judge.

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