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Youth Wrestling Team Rankings

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Wow! I'm not sure who gave these summary's but its pretty clear based on the verbage used in these rankings. . Normally I wouldn't post  something regarding my Buccaneer Wrestling Club on a public forum but given the passive aggressive nature  and the underlining theme these summary's are trying to imply I feel the need to clarify some truths that whomever posted these rankings is trying to avoid. To imply that my Buccaneer team won because of out of state wrestlers is the most asinine and idiotic statement that I have ever heard. My kids won last year and the year before and 6 out of 8 years before that because they outwork everyone and we have great coaches and parents. Let me give some real facts since there is no way to clarify the statements made on the pintn site. Below are the results from last years state tournament.

Bucs 506

Hammer 365.5

Wildcats  347

Knox Elite 288

Higher Calling 285

Wave 280

This was a pretty large amount of points scored and  margin of victory for a tournament with 93 teams.I'm pretty positive it doesn't come close to the points scored with my old Red Raider club though.

Now to address the statements made that implied we won because of out of state wrestlers. First when you make untrue statements like that you belittle the effort and hard work my kids have put in and if you truly believe your statements then you aren't being honest with yourself and simply making excuses. 

My club resides in Chattanooga which has had the most out of state wrestlers of any region by far. Something like 35% of the wrestlers in our region were from out of state clubs. If we didn't have out of state wrestlers in our region my club would have qualified even more kids for the state tournament thus increasing our chance for more points scored. I think I had 1 kid from Ga on my club that scored 1 point the entire tournament. That's correct... out of 506 pts scored my lone out of state kid scored 1 point  contrary to your statements that " we dodged a bullet "by out of state kids being grandfathered in . I suggest you do some research before posting statements like you did. Here is the reality . There is no team in the state adversely affected by out of state wrestlers as mine. We reside in the region with the most out of state wrestlers thus making it harder for us to qualify for the state. I didn't look up the exact number but we had something like 25 state place winners. If there weren't out of state wrestlers from other clubs across the state many of my kids would have placed even higher and won more state titles and blew the 506 points out of the water. I know some of the Hammer , Wave and Higher calling studs from out of state knocked my kids down lower. I have never whined or complained about it. I tell my kids and parents to work harder and in the long run this will only help them.     

So why do I continually support out of state wrestlers even though my club is probably the most adversely affected in the entire state? I do it because despite whatever past success my clubs have had  I truly want my kids to become better as individuals regardless of team score., I want our entire state to improve  bett and this is done through more quality participants plain and simple. So if allowing 100 out of state border residents to compete in our state hurts my kids placement I'm fine with it because I want my kids to get better by wrestling tougher competition. 

As far as this years rankings go the results this year will more than likely;y be different. This is probably the biggest rebuilding year Ive ever had and some of the teams that finished below us are returning a lot of wrestlers and have been working hard. Look for Higher Calling to make a big move up the rankings along with Wave and Wildcats all battling for the top spot. Knox Elite and Hammer will both be in the mix as well.  

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