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2019 AAA Discussion

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Changing my Cleveland pick, Blackman will travel to Bradley county and beat Cleveland.


I picked Brentwood v. Houston in the preseason for the finals and will stick by that.  Good luck to all the girls today (with a little less luck to the ladies of Wilson Central than the ladies of Brentwood :) )


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Congrats to all the ladies who have qualified for state.  They'll remember this for the rest of their lives.  


Cookeville surprised me in a good way.  Dobyns Bennett could make some waves.  Ravenwood is limping into State.  Brentwood is healthy and extremely motivated to win a state record 7th consecutive state championship.  Cleveland coach is pumping up her team in the paper, I like it but literally, dont poke the bruin because the ladies Bruins read the article and are hoping for a second round game with Cleveland now.  

In the preseason I predicted a Brentwood/Houston final but Collierville and DB make me hesitate to pick Houston.  Brentwood 3-0 over Houston in the finals.

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Great game between Brentwood and Dobyns Bennett.  5 set thriller


Brentwood vs. Houston in the finals. Brentwood had beat Houston 4 times this year.  Wont be easy but Brentwood 3-0

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First, congratulations to Houston. Strong team that represented their school extremely well and the parents/fans were nothing but great.  


Congratulations to the lady Bruins for their 7th consecutive state championship and Coach Campbell's 15th.  Houston gave them everything they had, and it was a lot.  This was an absolute team win.  The setter (Piper), the lone senior on this team, was named MVP and well deserved.  The two middles (Oldham sisters) played amazingly and the right (Hollye) was a force on the right side all game long. 



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15 titles is completely mind boggling.    So happy for Houston.  They have had some very tough State Tournaments in the last decade or so.    They represented the West well.   Another fun HS season has come and gone.  Hard to believe.   

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45 minutes ago, Apostle said:

Yes, congratulations to both Brentwood and Germantown Houston players, coaches and fans on an excellent State tournament and final match.  Both groups have much to be proud of.

TT - an amazing prediction so long ago re: the two teams that would play for the AAA State Championship.

The official Championship match  statistics  "bear" out your assessment- 4 Bruin players with double digit kills led by the RS and MH from a kill % and efficiency standpoint.

4 Bruin players with double digit dig totals led by the Libero who recorded 34 digs in an epic 5 set semi-final match vs Kingsport Dobyns-Bennett and 28 digs in the State Championship.  

And, the Setter had one heckuva 4 match tournament run - unofficially, 39, 42 and 63 assists in the first three matches and officially 55 assists in the championship match - MVP worthy.  Also, the young lady will serve her country joining the US Army and playing volleyball for the service academy after graduation - a great story.

Correct, Piper is a great story and very better person.  The US Army is lucky to receive such a fine young lady.


Thanks Apostle but it was pretty noticeable during the pre season play days.  Houston was a huge team that was missing just one, maybe two more pieces.


Help me out, where can I see the stats? 

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Congrats to Brentwood players, coaches, and families. Truly dominant performance.

Scary that the program will only lose one player to graduation next year. 

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Congrats to these ladies for being recognized as ALL-STATE by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association.


OH: Shaye Eggleston, Brentwood, Jr.

OH: Ashllyn King, Blackman, Jr.

OH: Joy Douglass, Cleveland, Sr.

OH: Staley Humphries, Dobyns-Bennett, Sr.

OH: Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone, Sr.

OH: Kennedy Shaw, Germantown Houston, Sr.

MH: Jillian Amsler, Franklin, Sr.

MH: Hannah Watson, Dobyns-Bennett, Sr.

MH: Jordan Jones, Germantown Houston, Sr.

S: Sophia Bossong, Siegel, Sr.

S: Piper Drazek, Brentwood, Sr.

S: Rachel McCollum, Collierville, So.

S: Carly Cooper, Ravenwood, Sr.

LIB: Haley Sanders, Brentwood, Jr.

LIB: Erica South, Cookeville, Sr.

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