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2021 South Pittsburg Schedule

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2 hours ago, Southtowner said:



Dad Burnit ST, theys still a HEEP of Fellers still confused, but some real dumb. Weren’t jest a year or so The Captain was ROY. Figure ain’t no class nor pill a feller can take to help neither. Theys jest always going to real stupid. YepReconSo 

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On 7/5/2021 at 7:03 PM, PiRaTe._.MiKe said:

Holler at me if you make it

Hope to see you there.  I’m excited as well.

Well so much for catching this scrimmage. I am out of town that night (Aug 9th). Hate to miss it, but gotta pay the bills. I don't watch a lot of 6A ball, but caught a practice (B'man) this week - that's a whole bunch of big kids.

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On 7/26/2021 at 7:23 PM, Southtowner said:


Towner man I was reading in my Murphy Fair book about this Turner man’s team that out e boys are playing on Friday.  They have this Davis boy that is 6’7 317 pounds. He is bigger than our Davis boy.  They both can play on the SEC. You think im joking but im not.

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