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    • Yes alternating year.
    • Gotta set the record a little straight with some real facts. Between MichaelMyers, you and a few others that think they know so much about LA football and Dilfer you guys need to get a little closer to the facts as you are embarrassing yourself.  For the record, all of my kids attended and graduated LA.  I had a son who played for Coach Mac and Tillman and I’ve remained very close to the program.  Also for the record, I really miss the days when you took your players who were at your school from Kindergarten and you line up and play football.  Coach Mac was the best at that!  He wanted to take our kids and win.  BUT, if you know your facts, in his last few years of coaching, he wasn’t having the success with the same recipe.  He used to beat teams like CPA who clearly had more talent, but as their talent pools continued to grow, LA wasn’t able to compete any longer. Tillman took over and things got worse as the only recipe he knew was the one handed down from Mac. Moving into the private school division was a tough transition for LA as they had no talent and had no idea how to market their program to attract student athletes as it wasn’t in our DNA.   Fast forward through a series of events and Dilfer becomes the new head coach at LA. 1.  Agree he had and still has a lot to learn as a HS football coach and is learning how to deal with HS age players vs NFL age players.  I’ve seen a major change in the last 3 years.  2. Agree he carries himself with a lot of confidence bordering on arrogance as he had to be that guy in the NFL.   He’s certainly not the only local HS coach that is overly confident.  3.  All said tho, he has done things that Mac and Tillman would never been able to pull off in today’s HS football environment.  Contrary to what you guys are saying, parents are very happy. MichaelMeyers, I’m sure you have a disgruntled friend that shares some slanted info with you but I guarantee you they don’t speak for the majority. Sure there’s a few parents disgruntled because Johnny isn’t getting playing time…what private school program doesn’t deal with that.   Go criticize them!  4. Agree Dilfer was out coached in the State championship game last year.  He even admits  he made a lot of mistakes.  So what?  Every coach who has coached has gotten out coached.  I would argue Kiffin out coached Sabin last year as Ole Miss almost beat AL where Sabin had no answer for their offense.  Sabin eventually won due to the vast talent gap but he clearly got out coached.  Who cares?   5.  More students who have been at Lipscomb for a long time start/play than you think.  Off the top of my head I can think of at least 15 kids that start and/or play meaningful minutes 6. Dilfer raises most of the needed funds for the football budget and it’s still smaller than MBA, Ensworth, BA and CPAs.  Before Dilfer, our team was playing with annual refurbished helmets that were 15-20 years old as we had very little budget dollars to spend thanks to the University’s budget constraints.  That’s changing but he is having to work hard to make up the financial deficit.  7. The out of town players were not recruited. That’s laughable.  You’re giving Dilfer too much credit if you  think he is really convincing the arbitrary family to pick up roots, sell their homes and move th Nashville to play HS football at LA.  Most are at LA because their local HS football programs shut down due to Covid and kids were looking for a school to attend and play last year and this year. Dilfer’s name attracted them but he 100% didn’t recruit them.  The others were two coaches sons who came because they wanted to coach with Trent as they are all long time friends.  8.  Most of the new players are not on any financial aid. There are some on financial aid for sure, but that number is much smaller than you think.  9.  Whether a  player comes from Michigan or California vs Greenbrier TN  or Murfreesboro, TN, I don’t understand the difference or your concern. Please explain!   10.  Dilfer has coached 2 full seasons and you are criticizing him because he didn’t beat CPA in the state championship of his second year after taking over a program that only won 3 games in the past two seasons. Really?  How about being impressed how quickly he’s been able to turn it around?   11.  24/7 mentioned he doesn’t show great leadership and he doesn’t work hard.  I’ve never seen a group of boys buy in to a program so quickly.  And I can confirm his teams are working harder physically and mentally than any team Mac or Tillman ever had. I can also say that Dilfer puts more time into this team than any coach I’ve ever seen.  I have no complaints of his leadership or work ethic.  12.  As for the on-side kick when up 21-0. I have no idea why he made that decision but I have no problem with it and I think it’s a real stretch for you to complain about it.  The game isn’t out of hand at that point and he was looking to put it away quickly.  Would you have blamed FRA for on side kicking when down 21-0 or would you have criticized Dilfer for letting a team come back from a 21-0 deficit because he took the foot off the gas?  I’m betting you would!   13.   Dilfer will be around next year.  He’s invested too much into this program and he loves it.  Those are the real facts!  Trent is doing a great job at LA  and most of the parents appreciate what he’s doing. 
    • That’s why I give him such a hard time. But I promise you he won’t get it. Watch his reply. He won’t he be in the same galaxy as getting it. 
    • I have wondered about his mental health as well. 
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