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Trenton v Huntingdon


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18 minutes ago, WarEagleCartman said:

When did I announce that? There's no need it's blatantly obvious especially if you're attempting to match wits. I'm sure your knowledge is limited to bass fishing and and which chew real men buy or  something of that nature.

Match wits with you ? :roflol:

I don’t own a boat 

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3 minutes ago, shockernation said:

That’s just plain stupid! Everyone knows all the women in Trenton chew Red Man and most women in Huntingdon prefer plug tobacco! Can’t believe everyone doesn’t know that…jerks

You know I don’t chew or smoke I think he has the wrong impression of me lol 

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On 10/19/2021 at 6:12 PM, horse said:

Warbritton’s younger brother is the starting safety as a freshman on this year’s team. 

Talented family.  I ran into his family at Hobby Lobby years ago and I was told about another Warbritting.  So he is all grown up now.  What a talented group of brothers.  3 beast.

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23 hours ago, horse said:

I’ve seen both and from what i saw the kid from Trenton has better vision and cuts better than the kid from mckenzie 

Thank you.  And this is coming from a neutral observer.  He would have much more offers if he had the size.  But we know in Trenton, that he can play at the next level.  Can't wait to see him on display Friday.  Huntingdon will load the box to stop him and that may limit his yards but you will see his abilities on display for sure.

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This is tough game to predict.  Both teams are well coached and winning on the road at Huntingdon is always a challenge.  While both teams have common opponents (Milan and Westview) those outcomes hardly predict how this will go because of how injury-plagued Milan became as the season progressed and also due to the fact that playing Westview is completely different than any other game.  

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