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Trenton v Huntingdon


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I figured this was coming because Peabody hasn't been tested in a while. The last competitive game Peabody played was against Westview that occurred nearly 50+ days ago.  Huntingdon did play Westview two weeks ago, and Riverside and Milan on top of that as recent.

Hats to Eric Swenson and Huntingdon. I thought this team would lose to Peabody, Milan, and Riverside. He defeated one by 12 points, one by 21, and the other by 30. He played bully ball tonight and won the game. I don't think he will get "coach of the year" in West Tennessee. Coach Smith and Stowe are ahead of Coach Swenson, but Mustangs did well! Proud of them!

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7 hours ago, sportsnutz said:

The light hasn't gone out on you guys. You are still the team to beat in 1A. You're right, the streak had to end at some point. Better to do it here in a game that was really meaningless in the grand scheme of things vs have it happen deep in the playoffs.

Peabody will be better because of this loss. I have no doubt with the talent, coaching, and passion your team has that this game will light a fire under them and they will play with a chip on their shoulders for the rest of the year.

Time to start the next streak!

Thank you man.  You guys are a very classy group of people.  Some folks would be rubbing it in right now, but you choose to encourage us.  We really appreciate this.  We had our chances last night but considering how the Stangs were playing, I think the outcome would have been the same.  That wing-t offence is very hard to stop.  Good luck the rest of the way.

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Congrats to Huntingdon, great game.  Well deserved win, it was their night for sure, and great atmosphere in their stadium!  Couple of takeaways from the game.

1.  Huntingdon is the real deal. They totally dictated the tempo of the game.  There were about 4-5 swing plays in this game and they won them all.  Hats off.  They were better last night.  They are a serious threat to win state in 2A if they dictate like that.

2. A big reason Peabody had an off night was because their opponent was locked in but literally nothing went their way last night for the first time in a long time, and playing from behind the whole game changed the playbook completely. 

3. I don’t always think losing is good for a team, but i really think Peabody losing this game might be better for them than if they won it.  The streak was incredible but it really was becoming too much added pressure on the players and the coaches and in some ways maybe kept them from getting better.  It might be the thing that gives them a reset and puts them over the top to compete for another title.

4.  Great atmosphere, great game, both communities should be proud of their teams and congratulations to Huntingdon!



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10 hours ago, sportsnutz said:

I know what you're talking about. Theirs was bad, but not quite that bad. They were in field goal range to win the game with the clock running and the QB kneeled instead of spiking the ball. Major brain fart. Lol.

Yea that’s the one I’m talking about :lol:

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No serious poster from Trenton or West TN believes Trenton will run rule McKenzie.  I truly think that Trenton played a completely different Huntingdon team than McKenzie did earlier this year, but they won by 20 and Trenton lost by 20

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