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‘21 Lewis Co. at Riverside

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One week closer to the regional championship game!!!!

Bot teams have one region and one non region game left!!

Game will be in Riverside. Who do you have? 

I am back and forth. I have predicted both to win at different times on different days. Since it is at Riverside, I have to give them the edge as of right now. This and DD says Hohenwald has several kids out/transferred/MIA soooooooooo, that gives the edge to Riverside.

Regardless, the winner will, in all probability, make it to the second round without any trouble. The loser will most likely do the same.


Soooooooooo, who has who, at the moment?


P.S. This is sooooo exciting!

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On 10/13/2021 at 5:36 PM, @38320 said:

Well Beagle, I'm guessing you to be the man who helps FM with the radio broadcast then. If so, you guys do a great job. I listened to the Camden-Riverside game on the radio and you two were all class on the game. Nothing wrong with being a transplant. We came to Camden in 1971 and people always acted like we had always lived here. I like McConnell and Wolfe too. I have worked  with both in the past and I hope they stay at C-town for a long time. I think McConnell will win if left alone. And I think folks have enough football sense in Camden to know that. 

Yep   The powers that be know he is a good one.  I am not on the radio but Flash is the best in the business for sure and the kids learning fast from the best


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23 hours ago, JoeKane13 said:

I bet you are very excited. Seems like you can’t hardly contain yourself. Be careful tho, you may poke your own eye out. 0bf43d6813a189121d717741f897401e.jpg

Can you just imagine if LC won this game? They would play Richland first and that’s pretty much an automatic win. They would be highly favored in the second round! But, we all know how Hohenwald gets put out in the second. However, they would still be playing a weak team in the second and have a good chance to play the Chapel Hill/Riverside winner.

If the lose, all bets are off on making it to a third round game.

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