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Wow I’ve had some catching up to do! I’m tired and I’ve done XC in Memphis and baseball in Jackson. I’ll say this to everyone in LC and the coachT world…when in Jackson and hungry stop at Jersey Mike’s out by the columns and meet the legendary Pride aka Shane! Thanks again bro 

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6 hours ago, Goldentidefanatic said:

Ok so most of you know who I am, Peabody Prides wife ! It’s so funny how this all started, Shane had a rough childhood like many,he suffered thru being homeless, drug addicted parents that physically and mentally abused him and some things I won’t put online ! We have made a few million lost it and are building back again, Shane right now is making no money  on his current venture, he will though ! Funny thing is most would wallow in pity working 100 plus hours and dealing adversity, not him ! Really funny but he is a introvert for sure, Coach T has been a place where he loved to get peoples blood boiling at first, then he made a friend them another, it’s weird seeing him talk on phone or go hang out with folks, he’s guarded from his childhood ! Long story short , he didn’t help you guys @shockernation you helped him ! As broke as he is he had a meal he could do and it not cost him money “ right now” he knows how much Coach Quinn wants to change lives of his young Falcons, he knows what it’s like to have someone show they care, it changed his life as a young man ! Be able to make your kids smile made his day ! When your kiddos gave him those hand written notes he came back in store read them and teared up !  I didn’t find those awesome gift cards till later, he appreciated them but it was the cute notes and the appreciation of him as a man that got him in his feelings ! Things like this are just who he is and he believes when he is called home to be with the Lord that all that matters is who he helped! He truly is a great man ! Guys more than y’all know you have in your small ways changed his life! So to end my long wordy mush fest I say this , he carries a piece of paper in his pocket for 22 years and re writes it when it fades!

I have suffered abuse

I will be a shoulder to cry on or ear to listen to those that need me

I have suffered homelessness

I will lift my fellow man out of this with my last breath if needed

I have suffered poverty 

I will teach those how to break these cycles thru showing caring for their life and teach them purpose ! 

I won’t be remembered as a famous man A rich man or the best man

I will be remembered as a man, a average man than choose to help others and expect nothing in return !

        Thanks for allowing me the space to write this

             GTF Rachel Malone

I mean wow! You’ve got a good one. Strange how our God works! Much love 

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