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Oak Ridge High School Football 2022


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16 hours ago, STILLNUM1 said:

Willie are you drunk or bored?Is CoachT hurting for money and I missed it.If so why dont you start a go fund me for CoachT if you care that much.You go really hard for the craziest things.Not trying to be mean but this kick you are on has come out of nowhere.Maybe you are just bored but it seems like you just want to start with people sometimes.Other days you go back to everything is all good Willie

I know you are not trying to be mean to me and EVERYTHING  IS ALL GOOD WILLIE.

It sure would be nice to see the Oak Ridge posters all become CoachT+members. It is as simple as donating $1. But give more if you can. There is no catch. No wanting to start something with anybody.  A tiny number of people may try and use that as an excuse but I cannot control what others do. People should do what is in their heart and feel good about themselves

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Yesterday was Tee Higgins Birthday. 

Long time Wildcat fans will not believe this but I celebrated Tee's B-day with a piece of cake from THE FEDERAL BAKE SHOP. It is located in Hixson, TN. Nobody seems to know if there is a connection to the Fed. Bake Shop that was once in Oak Ridge Downtown.

My best guess is they somehow got some of the OR Bake Shop's Recipes. They rarely make them but their Donuts are spot on.



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I'm sure you all are sick of me but I don't care. You won't support CoachT+membership but that says all that needs to be said about you. I have always had the blessings  of the important people at ORHS and that gave me the courage to stand behind my support for the Oak Ridge PLAYERS.

Lecture over for now.

I do want to thank Stillnum1 and BoyfromSI for their interest in the Basketball teams at Oak Ridge. and their input on the CoachT Basketball boards.

 I would mention Bounder but he has his sheep together and is the best Oak Ridge fan I know of. He is a GOAT along with Mama Bounder.

Please post on the Basketball Boards and help out David Clary in bringing the Wildcat games to us.





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3 hours ago, WilleTheWildcat said:

I'm sure you all are sick of me but I don't care.

Well, that is a lie! I do care if you are sick of me. I love CoachT,com and want to make sure it is always around. In my effort I thought it might help if everybody became CoachT + members. I thought Wildcat posters could set the example for all to follow. My effort fell flat and I looked bored and/or drunk. Still, I will not quit in my efforts. 

Not only will I not quit, I am now asking you all to donate to help David Clary provide live streaming of games. I can't understand why people think everything in life is FREE. Paying the food bill for a Military member in a food joint SHOULD be free. Giving for CoachT or Streaming Oak Ridge games should be your responsibility.

As President  JFK ( D ) said ask not what CoachT and Prepradio.com can do for you but what can you do for CoachT + membership and Prepradio.com? OK, Kennedy never said it but you get the point,

Enough for now but  I will leave you with one Wildcat Moment. After the 1991 State Championship game the Booster Bus went to the motel where the team was staying. Sitting on a curb was Shawn Summers and Dennis Friendly, heads bowed whispering to each other.. I thought what a cool sight to see. They will never forget that moment.

Don't you all forget your Wildcat Moments.


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32 minutes ago, WilleTheWildcat said:

Thanks for the news HTV.

Welcome Coach Ayers.

I also understand that at least one of the tenured teacher/coaches from the previous Oak Ridge staff who are going elsewhere just to coach is being reassigned to one of the middle schools to open up a teaching spot for a coming hire.  

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23 minutes ago, IrishBBall said:

I told y’all two weeks ago. LOL

Sorry about that Irish. :D

I have been distracted lately with my effort to increase the CoachT+ membership and now trying to help point out the fact it cost David Clary money to have Prepradio stream OR Basketball games. Streaming games is expensive but we live in a society where people just expect things to be given to them. A couple of people have questioned if I am drunk to do this.  I doubt I could have lived as a Type 2 Diabetic for the last 26 years if I were drinking. I have to give myself an "F" so far when it comes to results but an "A" for effort. I am human. I have good and bad in me.

People have their various reasons for not giving even a $1 and I just have to continue to find a way to get people to help the cause. 

WILDCAT MOMENT...Who remembers when an Oak Ridge players spiked the ball at the 5 yard line costing him a TD. It was so sad I just had to laugh. Don't say his name.


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    • I agree it takes buy in from the student athlete... But my point was you are taking a program that was lifting every day and had tablets in the weightroom on each station to track progress and gains... is now going to every other day.  The work smarter not harder mentality , to your point only works if you have the buy in...   
    • Well, I feel last night just showed how much Sahara did for us as a basketball team.  We had a lot of trouble face guarding #2 and #15. Our freshman did a good job leveling up and she will turn into a star as she matures.  Imo, her and street need more minutes.  They have more scoring ability than 2 of our seniors.  The reality is Cloudland is gonna be better next year when sis returns and those 2 girls are starters.  I try to be a realist when I post and I think Hampton is in the driver's seat right now.  They are incredibly good at home. 
    • For sure win 06-45? Lately theyve been moving Lipsey to 38 and Crisp to 32 and even if they do that I could see them walking away with two losses.    This isn't a lock. 
    • In what weights do you have Wilson central beating bradley?  Bradley wins 106-145 with the exception of 126 160 and 182 is in favor of bradley and 70 is a toss up. only matches that are locks for Wilson central are 126,152,195. everything else from there can go to bradley
    • Must have been good D on both sides.  Hate to hear the young lady will be out for the remaining season.  With just a couple games left for each in season, lots to be decided with both Hampton games now.  Should be good games. 
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