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District 7-AA


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Finally able to get out and see some basketball with my son last night. Caught the Cascade and Forrest game. Both teams had some good looking athletes. Cascade has some good depth and play hard. I think Cascade's success will depend on how the game is called. If they are allowed to be physical they will be hard to beat. Forrest did a good job of attacking and officials were calling the fouls. If Forrest can get a little more depth developed they will be a tough squad. I'm not a fan of the 4 team district. Seems like if your going to have 4 classes that geography should go out the window and you should have a minimum of 5/6 teams to me. Having Grundy in this district is tough on Grundy I feel for them. Every road game is a pretty good drive. Call me old fashioned but I miss the old district foes of a decade or so ago. No way we can go back to those days because of classifications but those were some really good battles and the tourney was always good. This district I think will struggle having to match with Metro in the region and 2 of the best teams in the state in that district but you never know basketball is a funny game sometimes.

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9 hours ago, ecu said:

Community with major upset of Cascade on a buzzer beater.

Watched it online last night a little too cold to get out for me. Has any team had as many upsets as Community has over the past several years? They are the one team I would not want to play if I was a top tier team. This was already a great rivalry for this area but now being in same district may end up being one of the best around. Cascade is a very very good basketball team and no doubt will be a team that has a great shot at making it deep in the tourney. Based on past history I wouldn't want to be in the same bracket with Community. 

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