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2021 - 2022 Oak Ridge Boys Basketball


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5 hours ago, bounder said:

Naw Thanks,  we got this one. But you or anyone else could contact David and maybe split with someone else. He could always use the money, and it is always appreciated. what he does Ain't Cheap! And the school doesn't chip in anything! It's all paid for with sponsorships or donations. Off my soapbox.


Good idea. I will contact David and offer a small donation.

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5 hours ago, LINEDAD said:

Checking with you OR fans. OR beat DB last season in the Sectional by 3 or 4 points. I remember that OR team started either all or almost all seniors...right? How many players from last years team is back this season? 

Do you expect OR to be a Region finalist team?

We have 1 starter back from last year's starting 5.  However, our new starters (all seniors) are doing well.  Kell Slater (the returning player) is one of the better point guards in our area.  This group plays a lot better as a team than last year's group, imo.  I do expect us to be one of the Region finalists.  (I will be more sure after we play Knox West).

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1 hour ago, boyfromsi said:

Good for you Willie!  Big victory for the Lady Wildcats!  They are getting better with each game.

Thank you Mr. Thompson. I probably shouldn't be so happy about David giving me a shout out but my love for the Wildcats is so real I can't help myself.

These Lady Wildcats are set to explode. Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder how Oak Ridge is lucky to have such wonderful smart, and skilled young ladies. I hope people aso respect and love the coaching staff.

About the Boys coach, Green is top notch. He got Flip Thompson ready to go when he was hurt without many people knowing he had Flip in his back pocket. 

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    • Well, I feel last night just showed how much Sahara did for us as a basketball team.  We had a lot of trouble face guarding #2 and #15. Our freshman did a good job leveling up and she will turn into a star as she matures.  Imo, her and street need more minutes.  They have more scoring ability than 2 of our seniors.  The reality is Cloudland is gonna be better next year when sis returns and those 2 girls are starters.  I try to be a realist when I post and I think Hampton is in the driver's seat right now.  They are incredibly good at home. 
    • For sure win 06-45? Lately theyve been moving Lipsey to 38 and Crisp to 32 and even if they do that I could see them walking away with two losses.    This isn't a lock. 
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