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What has happened to Rutherford county football ?


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What happened to Rutherford County football was Oakland. 

I guess the good news for everybody else is that Murfreesboro is part of a burgeoning metropolitan area. It's still growing rapidly and things will eventually change. Oakland has a stranglehold on the talent and pipeline right now. That program actually exists at a perfect point in time factoring location, population, talent pool, etc. But it won't last forever, because the bigger a city gets, the harder it is to keep a lid on all that. 

When things do change, I hope it isn't for the worse. RuCo has generally been awesome. I really don't want to see it become a Nashville or Clarksville. 

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14 hours ago, TSSAAdaddy said:

I am aware of all Buck's recruits, raiding the Metro privates for James and Horton, Oakland's QB transferring from Riverdale and the Pats hoarding all the talent, but still no other Rutherford county team makes it past round 2. I never thought I would ever see that day. 

My assumption is that the Oakland QB transferred from Riverdale because he was never going to move up the depth chart to surpass the starting QB for Riverdale.  After seeing both play, I would have to say I'm quite comfortable with the QB we have at Oakland.  He certainly has more mobility than the Riverdale qb.

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I think we have done well in Wilco to have quality programs.  The talent does seem to kinda rotate among a few schools, but overall most schools are competitive year in and year out.  Ruco seems to be really top heavy.  Oakland is no doubt the class of the county and Middle Tennessee, but their other programs are not up to par with maybe the exception of Riverdale.  Blackman beating Brentwood early was a surprise to me this year.  After that, I expected more out of Blackman, but they seemed to stumble.

Is Oakland that much more talented than the other schools?  If so, why would the zoning favor them? 

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32 minutes ago, JArrington said:

Is Oakland that much more talented than the other schools?  

Outside of the Herring brothers at Riverdale, it's not even close. Oakland has a definite advantage on the field and behind the scenes and I am quite certain that big spur is liking the results.

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