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Blade resigns at Indy


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    • This year's sophomore class is pretty solid, too.  And I don't think that just because JJ isn't at Powell any longer that those who have chosen to go to Powell will suddenly go to Bearden.  Powell's coaching staff reputation is solid for being "players coaches" with or without JJ.   Bearden is my alma mater and I still pull for them and want this experiment to be successful.   That said, there is a lot of difference culturally between Bearden and Powell.  JJ at Bearden or no, it's not a slam dunk that kids requesting transfers will want to go there.   Plus anybody transferring without physically moving in to the zone wouldn't be eligible in 2022.  
    • I haven't seen it posted anywhere yet  
    • What’s the word on the North East job it seems they’re in no rush to hire someone. Which would be a shame for those kids.
    • Checking with you OR fans. OR beat DB last season in the Sectional by 3 or 4 points. I remember that OR team started either all or almost all seniors...right? How many players from last years team is back this season?  Do you expect OR to be a Region finalist team?
    • We'll see. He is a salesman, no doubt about that. Lowe is certainly the better play caller, so from an X's and O's (and player development) standpoint, this move won't hurt. I'm not sure that you will see Powell drop very much in 2022, with the returning cast that they have on offense, but I do think 2023 will be interesting if we're to gauge the impact that JJ had.
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