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South Pittsburg Vs cloudland ( stone man and little grider man against this beanfield man)

Roy Dillard

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2 hours ago, Appvol said:

That’s kind of the point. The thread title is stupid. @CoachT should correct it and put the young coach real name on it. Benfield! You guys by far the favorite to win. No reason to butcher someone last name.

You are making fun of me.  I garuntee I have a problem with spelling.  You think im joking but im not.

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4 minutes ago, Roy Dillard said:

Your joking.  This is going to be worse than sitting with the pickup trucks at the fake honey hole. Im not joking either. 

Dad Burnit RD, where in the cat hair did T get so feminine? OP says reading some this mess is like listening to a hen party. YepReconSo 

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1 hour ago, Spfan2011 said:

I saw we all get there early and just take over the current seating there. If your a paying customer to the TSSAA at the hosting site then the hosting site has to accommodate you. First come first serve type deal. 

You won't be taking over anything.  Carter County jail is worse than a Turkish prison. 

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1 minute ago, oneyewilly said:

What's the largest crowd yall have had up on the Mountain? 

Do you guys allow chairs to be brought in? It's been years since I've been to yalls place 

All the seats are on one side but there's more room than you think.  You can bring your own chairs.   We added a whole section to the existing stands 20 years ago plus upgrades to the lights.  I don't reckon old king has ever sit at a football game 

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