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Fury Platinum 16u Tryouts


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Fury Platinum is forming a new 16u team based out of Knoxville. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to play for an elite organization coached by former collegiate athletes.
The tryout date is December 12th @3pm.
Contact us for more info!
Coach Kylie: (352)584-1372
Coach Callie: (865)399-8099
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    • Not as easy as you think. Staff is made according to number of students. You have to place the teachers already in the county first. THEN you can fill spots according to the number of additional students you have. Say you currently have 1500 kids, but then 400 are moved to the new school. That means 400 students worth of teachers are changing schools with them.  You don't open a new school with a blank slate.
    • 1. Hunter Mason  2. Nick Corday 3. David Harper 4. KV Roller 5. Ashton Davis    Hunter has been on a roll these past two years he is hard to argue being any lower.   As for Corday although he has been out with surgery he has many quality big wins   David Harper again is another with big quality wins. He is one of the most technical wrestlers. Harper is with a doubt top three at this moment   KV Roller is another kid that has been on an unstoppable run. Although I think Roller is beatable by a couple it is hard to not put him on this list.   Ashton Davis is another guy that has been at the top of the podium for most of his highschool career. Davis has made many improvements in these recent years and without a doubt would run through James Howard.
    • She also played in 7th grade. She is in her 4th year.
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