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How do I remove a game from the schedule?


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    • I hope everyone is having a pleasant day today. Roy I will give you a call but that Hill lady and that little Grider man are taking no prisoners in this hire. They are going to be raising prices to the stadium and at my concession stand next year to pay for this new coach. I am glad I get in for free and have free concessions since I built them the concession stand. Roy do you know if that little Grider man and that Stone man are going to keep coaching next year? I am going to meet with the new coach this weekend and give him his free voucher for concessions next year.
    • Yep, but it wasn't good enough for some people.
    • I like Maryville and DB on the boys side.
    • So, is this the family of one of the players asking the question and then giving the answer? That’s what it seems. Fellas, how do you know any of this to be true, and even if that is true, how do you think you are helping the Green Hill girls basketball program by putting that out there during the middle of the team’s season? Based on the way that the older of the two stands up at games and makes himself quite visible to everyone, I was under the impression that he supported the program. I heard from other parents that the younger supported the program as well. Sharing that type of information - which is merely gossip - on a public message board in season doesn’t seem very supportive though. Please share with us your inside information gentlemen. Did it come from credible sources, or is this just a strategic, tandem effort to stir the pot?
    • So I could be wrong, but I think HS coaches can host strength training and things like that, no sport specific practices, but you can not say it's only for 8th grade football players, you have to open it to any middle school students that want to come, and no high school students can be present at all. Please don't quote me but I think that is the rule. 
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