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Southtowner: This That & The Other II


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18 hours ago, The Drunken Sailor said:

Lol. I give it a couple of days.

It reverted once in the 1st 5 minutes by Bbb23 and again in about an our by United States man.  The rationale was that it wasn't relevant.  However, for that to be true, that means Jasper Jones isn't relevant.  :roflol:



South Pittsburg went on to win the 2021 Tennessee 1a State Championship under interim C0-Head Coaches Wes Stone & Heath Grider, both Pirate alumni. This made Chris Jones the only Pirate head coach to never take a Pirate team to the state championship game. South Pittsburg has played in 13 title games since the playoff inception in 1969 with a 90 - 33 record in the playoffs.[19]


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On 12/15/2021 at 9:15 PM, CaptainLongbeard said:

Things worked out great for us in the end. What a story the 2021 season turned out to be. What’s taking so long on the coaching front? This should be the easiest decision in history. 


16 hours ago, Southtowner said:

I nominate Wesley Stone for Head coach of the South Pittsburg Pirates football team.  All in favor say Aye.

Surprise surprise!!  Then again, AYE!

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