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    • Maybe he was not great just like she is not a grand slam hire.  they will still play second to Bradley and girls will continue to go there versus Cleveland.  she just did not want to deal with the Murfreesboro madness that goes on.  Rumor has it Chad Hibdon is looking at taking over in SC now that she has gone and leaving Tullahoma after just one unsuccessful year. 
    • a team that won’t be very good and will not have their second best player back.  That district will be up for grabs and nobody will be very good in it, the upper cumberland should sweep that region very handily with superior talent and coaching. 
    • I can promise you one thing. I’ve been following Knoxville football for a very long time, and I can tell you without a doubt that nobody from Bearden will be accepted into Farragut and vice versa. Any sport is a hockey match, and the only reason it’s not on the news is because it’s just common. I mean, there are no fists being thrown, sometimes there are, but in every single matchup, no matter what sport, there’s obvious hatred.
    • The location was set before Eagleville qualified. If anyone had a problem with it all they had to do was beat them. 
    • Years ago I had a bad cold and sat in the press box next to our OC on a cold night instead of my usual place on the sidelines. I was surprised to see that he allowed the QB coach to call almost all of the plays on the sidelines, only occasionally offering guidance over the headsets. I do remember him saying late in the 3rd quarter “If you’re going to run that fake punt you’d better call it now.” It went for a TD. 
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