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Deafening Silence from Lewis County

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1 minute ago, CoachT said:

I have always felt that Columbia, if they ever got it all together, could be a top, and I mean a very top, program. Hopefully, for the Lions, Coach Sharp and Coach Moore can be the ones.

Agreed! That’s exactly why I believe Coach Sharp made this move! Talent has never been an issue at Columbia. They haven’t gotten it right since Coach Belew retired, until yesterday!

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3 hours ago, tradertwo said:

Like already said coach, there's always one. I try and keep a simple approach to interacting with people whom I suspect may be "that guy"...if I don't immediately understand why we're in disagreement, ask. If I don't understand after the explanation (or I don't get one)...you're not worth my time. That sounds crude and maybe aloof, but is absolutely true. After deciding that, I may choose to argue or debate...may just poke the bear every once and a while for fun, or just ignore completely. 

 You need to understand that we longtimers know you a little bit. You didn't sell, you didn't compromise, and you didn't commercialize. This site is a good clean outlet for "moderately normal" fans of high school athletics to exchange information, express opinions, and compare teams, players, districts, ect... too far apart to do any other way. It is how it is because that's how you decided it would be, and I applaud you for it because the money said otherwise. Thank you for the outlet.

Brownie points? :roflolk:

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On 2/16/2022 at 9:17 AM, wholder said:

I'm just making a suggestion. Don't get yeah panties in a wad

I am not a fan of either team.

I am also not  your dad or any other male/female/other member of your Family  so I don't wear panties . 

Last your "suggestion" is stupid  which is why I asked the question  "why would anyone much less a Waverly Alum  leave that situation  for Lewis County?"

 Do you have and answer or are you just throwing stupid around to see if you're alone?:roflol:

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