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    • as a Beech alum i would love for someone from Sumner to make a run, but i don’t see it right now. Beech is in a similar spot as Summit, lost their starting QB and 2 D1 WR, from a much less talented team. Hville is going to take a decent step back this year, and Gallatin isn’t ready to compete for a title
    • Scrimmages are practice. And with Summit replacing their 3 best players id expect scrimmages to show that. That’s what they’re for..to work out the kinks and get ready for the season. And they will be ready. 
    • I spoke with the athletic director at the school in which I am employed today and I spoke with someone else on the board of control for the TSSAA. They confirmed that the 20 mile rule is not public to public. It applies when one of the schools involved does not have a set zone like a private or a charter school. So for example if a kid goes to North Side as a sophomore they can’t go and play at USJ as a junior and vice versa. If it is public to public the kid must move from zone to zone or sit out a year.  
    • Yes, Summit lost the twins and Pierce…but Austin Harvey has done nothing but learn from Destin the past few years. Yes there will be hiccups..im not saying they are gonna go undefeated and be world beaters…but by seasons end they will be a completely different team than the one y’all are dogging on right now. i promise you that. Oakland isn’t going to be as good as previous years, and Williamson Co. as a whole will be strong. They will be battle tested, same with Ravenwood. And while i think there’s a gap between RW and Summit, by year end i fully believe the Spartans will be contenders. 
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