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Five Star Prep article on 7 v 7 passing

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I screwed up several attempts on this article in the regular Oak Ridge thread so I will try just one here and then go back to the regular OR thread started by Cardinal and Grey.

Scattered thought...

Teams in scrimmage, Oak Ridge, Fulton, Willie Blount and Webb.

OR used 3 QB: Senior Peyton Sharpe who went 5 for8 with a TD toss to Izzy Mitchell. Junior Ethan Garza, who had been playing Basketball for OR. Ethan went 7 for 11 with a 40 yard TD bomb to Elijah Rodgers. Freshmen transfer from Norris Blaine Stansberry was third QB on the field. Started slow with 2 Ints then threw 2 TDs,

RBs were Jai Hundley, Junior De'Jauvis ( who actually was at MTSU and did not play )

WR who stood out was, of course, Brandon Heyward. 

Area of weakness is both lines. The O line will start 3 out of 5 players with no starting experience.

Last season OR went 3 - 8. They lost 6 games by 8 points or less.

7 of the 10 coaches are NEW.    RWR!








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