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Coach Shadowens already has a full schedule for next year.


Eagleton College and Career Academy

Date Day Opponent Notes Result  
Aug. 18, 2023 Fri at Tellico Plains High School      
Aug. 25, 2023 Fri at Scott High School      
Sep. 1, 2023 Fri Oneida High School   7:30 PM  
Sep. 8, 2023 Fri West Greene High School *      
Sep. 15, 2023 Fri at Happy Valley High School *      
Sep. 22, 2023 Fri at Wartburg Central High School      
Sep. 29, 2023 Fri Hampton High School *      
Oct. 13, 2023 Fri South Greene High School *      
Oct. 20, 2023 Fri Cosby High School      
Oct. 27, 2023 Fri at Cumberland Gap High School *
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Shad really wasn't that bad of a coach for Eagleton last year because they did go 8-2 I believe. The only thing is the freshman QB will most likey move on somewhere else possibly but we're also talking 2A not 6A. When Shad got the job last year it was close to fall practice starting and no time for a big coaching search. This time there is a adequate time for the right person. A lot of coaches would love the idea of the new facilities and a decent group of kids and the direction that program was planned for. I say choose wisely because you have time to make an upgrade you didn't the last go around.

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