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    • Have you seen how much Cleveland and Knox travel in the off season….. no way Yost would have lasted. He’s probably in the best situation for him. Just needs to work harder recruiting.
    • Do you know a name?   Do you know the name?
    • Franklin 33  Centennial 2 Page 22  Centennial 7 Franklin 13  Page7 Nolensville 14  Ravenwood 13 Ravenwood 34  Brentwood 13 Brentwood 27  Nolensville 21 Fairview 7  Independence 0 Independence 25  Summit 13 Summit 18  Fairview 7
    • I absolutely love Yost and have since we went to school together, but he should have stayed with Cleveland as moving over to McCallie was a really bad decision when it comes down to winning actual state titles and your kids doing so also. As far as costs durdon,  it shows McCallie is 64k for domestic boarding students and 33 for day students, Baylor is 58 for domestic boarding and 29 for day. So when talking about that large amount of money they really are very close and really I see no reason in paying the extra bit to go to McCallie vs Baylor, both very highly thought of schools, their academic rankings are very close and heck at least Baylor has ladies going there and not having to take classes with GPS girls just to see a female. VP of my company talked to me a few years ago, his dad went to McCallie, he went to McCallie and his oldest went to McCallie, the youngest he pulled out and sent to Baylor because he hated what McCallie was becoming(his son was a D1 athlete and went to college on a full ride). Said he would never send another kid to McCallie or even think of helping a grandkid go either. This coming from a guy that didnt get a cent of financial aid to either school but was a long line of McCallie men. Said many kids that should have gotten financial aid and qualified but didnt get any because it wasnt what the school thought they should put their money towards. Pretty sad for a school with 136 million in endowment. But hey, at least they sold their soul for some football lol.
    • I've not seen this much fireworks going off in Sevier County since the White Caps and the Blue Bills were fighting.
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