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Enrollment Numbers?


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On 11/2/2022 at 8:19 AM, Doc931 said:

Thats the biggest problem the "non Profit" T$$AA wont do that heck they wont even pay the officials more which why the ones you get for games are terrible. I agree straight to regions or make it an area play this current model is not idea.

The TSSAA doesn't pay officials, the individual schools do.  Are saying the schools should pay more for officiating or that the schools are cheap?

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18 hours ago, MichaelMyers76 said:

The TSSAA doesn't pay officials, the individual schools do.  Are saying the schools should pay more for officiating or that the schools are cheap?

Correct but TSSAA sets the number for what officials are to be paid regular and post season. Officials should def be paid more. 

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On 11/12/2022 at 7:21 AM, pioneer42 said:

I do think Gene Meneese of TSSAA is over the officials and kinda oversees them and sends them to certain locations. 

Gene Menees only sends them to certain locations for the region tournaments and beyond and even then he only asks for "crews" not individual referees.

The officials all belong to a particular association in their area who handles their scheduling during the regular season and district tournaments. That being said, officials change associations all the time so you might get someone this year that worked a different area last year.

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I will say baseball should be getting paid $20 more dollars than softball umpires. I went to a baseball game last year for both JV and a Varisty game, and the softball game was going on right beside the baseball field. Both sports had a JV/V game. The softball game started their Varsity game after the baseball game, and finished their JV game before the baseball finished their game. 

Basketball officials are getting paid fine because there are a high amount of games, classics/tournaments, and the season is longer. In addition, they can do Middle school and High school games four nights a week. 

The sport getting screwed is girls soccer. Those officials aren’t getting the same as volleyball officials. Girls soccer officials are running and making calls. The volleyball officials are living a groovy lifestyle 

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