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Super 32 PreSeeds Announced


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We don't have many seeded but here is what we do have for this weekend. Who has the best shot at getting on the podium? Who didnt get a seed that should have? Lets get this thread going!





4. Cooper Hilton








Alt. Logan Paradice




16. Max Norman










11. Noah Todd



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Tough one.  Super 32 is a different animal compared to Fargo because it is folk style so those top guys that maybe aren't great in freestyle show no such weakness in this tournament.   Fargo allows more surprise medalists IMO.

Hilton is the easy one but even he is no guarantee.  

Norman is dark horse for sure.   

Mason Jakob taking the step up to the HS ranks so I'm not sure how he will do as a freshman.  

As far as who should have been seeded and wasn't, none that I can see.



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Looking at the entries on the website we have 40 guys participating. That's got to be a record number from TN. I love to see it! Of those 40, I give the following 10 guys (in order) the best chance to place.

1. Cooper Hilton (Baylor)

2. "Mad Max" Norman (Dobyns-Bennett)

3. Aiden Brenot (Clarksville)...his big win at WNO over Alverez showed how good he is on his feet which is where matches at tournaments like this are decided

4. Bryson Terrell (Bradley Central)

5. Logan Pardice (Baylor)...listed as Georgia

6. Hunter Sturgill (Baylor)

7. JoJo Uhorchuk (Signal Mtn.)

8. Logan Heckert (Sycamore)

9. Logan Fowler (Cleveland)

10. Caleb Uhorchuk (Signal Mtn.), Jarvis Little (Summit), Bentley Ellison (Cleveland) - depending on the day


And I agree with WrestlingGod, you're crazy if you don't think seeds matter at this event. You will probably see a good number of first round matches where you have two state champs going at it. When you have 100+ guys in a bracket and lose an opening round match, you've got to win like 8-10 matches just to get on the podium. 

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13 minutes ago, WrestlingGod said:

If I have to explain why seeds are important and where you land on a bracket of 100 kids is important then maybe you shouldn't be wrestling or coaching. 

Well, I guess we can hope for a move up to the 15th seed so the #1 seed is out of the picture until the finals.  Have an amazing day.

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10 minutes ago, oceansize42 said:

How tough is this tournament and certain weight classes? According to flo, at 132 pounds the entire flo wrestling top 10 is registered except number 3.

Flo has their predictions up, this is how many kids in each weight are ranked in the top 20 in the country. 


106 has 13,  113 has 14 , 120 has 13 , 126 has 14 , 132 has 20, 138 has 12, 145 has 17, 152 has 11, 160 has 11. 170 has 13, 182 has 12, 195 has 11, 220 has 4 and 285 has 5

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