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Riverside Vs Tyner for the shiny gold ball.


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7 minutes ago, ddaddy said:

Riverside was disciplined and you were not if, if, if never sets well as an excuse when you get it took to you by a better team.

Nobody was making excuses I was saying their defense was more impressive than their offense And Huntingdon defense made adjustments at halftime and their offense didn’t. And Huntingdon had stupid penalties they should’ve of had. 

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10 hours ago, ergrad1989 said:

If Riverside has good coaching, they should have no trouble with the Rams. They're very similar to my Indians. 

ER was 5-6 in 2021 new coaches take them to 11-2 this season from a program that doesnt really have a winning tradition and ur mad about that. I get ur a fan of ER but it has to suck making it ur whole personality Im a Tyner fan yes i want them to win but i also know they can be beat. Funny thing about that is at 7:26 everyday the suns gonna come up and what happened yesterday doesnt matter. Oh and by the way if Tyner played ER 10 times you would get the same result every time ER taking the L… Be Blessed

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