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US Open Results

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List the results of our TN boys here..



before we get into all of this a MASSIVE shout out to Hamm for finishing 3rd in the masters greco div. We all talk a lot of trash on here and a couple months ago a couple coaches even wanted to wrestle for bragging rights. But Hamm actually went out and wrestled. 


darnit man, kudos. 

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So far after the first couple of days this is what I am seeing for guys with TN connections.  I may miss someone but let me know and we can add.

Tommy Brackett (CBHS grad) finished 5th at 82kg in Sr Open Greco.

Nick Boykin (Riverdale grad) finished 2nd at 130kg in Sr Open Greco.

Chris Debien (Cleveland / UTC Grad, current Baylor coach) finished 8th at 67kg in Sr Open Greco.

Cooper Flynn (long-time TN wrestler but HS wrestled out of state) finished 5th at 57kg in Sr Open FS.

Sam Herring (long-time Wave club / TN wrestler but moved to PA during COVID) won 17U Greco WTT and will wrestle for Team USA in Turkey.

Hunter Sturgill (current Baylor wrestler) finished 5th at 71kg in U17 GR.

Jose Cordero (current Cleveland wrestler) finished 6th at 45kg in U17 GR.

Kenneth Hammonds (do I really need to put TN tie-ins?) finished 3rd at 130kg in Masters C Greco.

Kenneth Hammonds finished 2nd at 130kg in Masters C FS.

Quantal Langford (former TN wrestler, etc. now living in CA) won 88kg Masters C FS.


Several others with TN connections that wrestled but didn't place so not throwing full results in.  I know I saw Malachi Puckett, High and Cordero from Cleveland, Dayne Dalrymple (former CBHS / current UTC) and likely several others competing just to name a few.

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Congrats to all those young (and old) guys for getting things done and working hard.  Shout out to Nashon who took third in Senior FS at 61kg.  Only loss was to Arujau who went on to win with 10-0 TF over DeSanto.  Nashon isn't from Tennessee but he did some time here helping kids out where he could and this was IMO the sharpest I've ever seen him. Really dialed in and purposeful. 

Side story involving Nashon, early days and he had a clinic happening and a lot of really good kids in his room.  Well some of those kids decide they're going to push Nashon, I mean really go after him, mistake. Jeebus batman, he put on a whooping on quite a few of those boys and those whoopings went on for ten to fifteen minutes each, he blast doubled every kid in that room regardless of weight/size.  A couple boys puked their guts out because the wrestling wasn't over until Nashon said it was over.  Good times, lol.   Nashon is ridiculously quick is all I can say.

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