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Oneida vs Polk


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6 hours ago, Spike016 said:

I just know we won’t. Our offensive line ain’t physical enough to set the tone early in the ball game. 

I will make it out to see you boys eventually mark my words. I’ve heard that the boys are absolutely fired up. I have also seen Polks film and other than a big #73 not very impressed. #44 big fullback also a dog if we can stop him I say we could be heading back 2-0 in the region.

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Whooooo! All this matchin and scratchin bout being physical & starting fast is what everyone wants to do! What counts is getting that1,2,3 pin for the win or slapping the figure 4 leg lock on em and making them tap out whoooooo!!!! The tribe has got to overcome the long journey to a new arena and sustain a consistent fight for the whole 48 baby! The tribe gonna be fine dinin', charter bus ridin' homecoming victory stealin wheelin dealin son of a gun whoooooo. You may not like me now but you better learn to love me cause I'm the best thing going to day! I am the 17 time world champion I am the nature boy Rik Flair whooooooooo

To be the man  you gotta beat the man!

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