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South Pittsburg vs North Jackson (Border Battle III) Stone Cold vs that Hollis man

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8 minutes ago, BigCornbread said:

You reaching patna. NJ won’t just lay down and take a whipping. Piratez win, but it’s up to da piratez and how dey display dey discipline to determine how many points dey win by. 

Pirateman 28 might not be a Pirate. lol.. I’d bet all my assets they don’t come anywhere close to that prediction. I got SP 28-14 in this one. 

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2 hours ago, Pirate2003 said:

Pirateman 28 might not be a Pirate. lol.. I’d bet all my assets they don’t come anywhere close to that prediction. I got SP 28-14 in this one. 

He's a Pirate.   

That's a fair score I believe. 

Like some say, being this game is in Alabama,  it has its disadvantages.  We just can't give them any momentum.   Limit their splash plays , gang tackle,  play in their backfield,  make a play then back to our huddle, we should be fine.

Go Pirates!!

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    • Ok series wise I’ll give you CHS football over UHS for the first 14 years of a 20 year comparison so CHS wins that one but as of late which is all these kids nowadays care about, UHS dominated CHS. On the girls side it’s not close. Upperman would have a decided margin over Cookeville. Cookeville used to be Jackson County’s home coming so not even a discussion worth having. On the boy’s basketball side of it is say it would be close to even. But You’ll never make me believe Upperman would not play Cookeville. The only competitive game now would be the girls game. UHS boys would dominate in football and basketball and Then you’d see an exodus, especially on the football side to Upperman. 
    • We knew going in we were the underdogs. PC had more athleticism and more speed across the board but these kids are gritty and we are not without talent. So it was a four quarter fight. By the way I’ve watched the replay of the 2 point conversion and it was good. But on the field it was called no good and the rest is history. No crying about it. The best team won. End of story. 
    • So you’re saying our kids faked it but yours didn’t?  Now that’s a class act right there bro. You definitely repping now ain’t ya?  We have one with a broken arm/collarbone but I guess that’s a fake injury. I’ve kept quiet about some things that happened because it’s all a part of the game but do not say another word about our young men out there on the field and I’ll give you and yours the same courtesy. 
    • Example of refs dong too "good" of a job: 2023 AAA girls tournament semi final between South Side and Elizabethton. Double overtime game = 48 minutes played. Number of fouls called, you guessed it...48.   So to all refs of clear conscience, please don't be those refs. Let the kids play some...please. #HereComesTheCloser
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