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The Hill of Science comes to Alnwick

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On 9/20/2023 at 8:32 AM, Solomon said:

If 16 plays QB for the toppers they will name their score. Why was he not the starter against Maryville?

SH....does not have the right mentality.....5th biggest school in the state.....ringing cow bells when they score late in the 4th.....like a school like that should be competing for state NOT cheering for scrap points in the 4th

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On 9/19/2023 at 12:59 PM, blazer1set said:

Have not seen the Hill this year, but here is what you can generally expect most seasons:    They have a lot of good athletes but for whatever reason they just cannot seem to put it all together as a team, if that makes any sense.      

Until they play DB! 

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Looks like SH has decided to move on from the Swartz kid (who was the starter all of last season and the first 3 games of this season) at QB and has made #16 their new starter....

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The Govs gave good effort tonight and had multiple chances to get back in the game, but made too many mistakes and had multiple drives stall out deep in SH territory. I'm excited to see how all the young guys progress. They'll keep getting better.

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