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State Championship

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I'm not saying Riverdale can't win cause they will have a chance Friday night. What I'm saying is this, If they are to have a chance they will have to beat our twelth man. That would be the Pit Crew. They are back. I've said it once, and it looks like I'll have to say it again. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, comes in to our house and pushes us around. Not this year anyway!!!!!



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Well, a  BUNCH of Franklin folks are picking Riverdale.  Actually, I think they are HOPING it's Riverdale.  The "FRANKTOWN" faithful can huff and puff all night about wanting a rematch with Lincoln County, but in their heart of hearts where the truth lives, they KNOW that Lincoln County beat them once and they can do it again.  If I were from Franklin, I'd rather play anyone else in the playoffs instead of Lincoln County. 


I went down  to Fayetteville to see that first game in week 0, and  I've seen the Falcons a  couple of times since.  They have gotten better.  If  they play Franktown again, LC will win by a bigger margin than the first time.


Just remember where you read it.

I'm not hoping for one particular team to win or the other tell ya the truth. I just feel Riverdale is going to win... is that a crime? If you want to try to say that I'm picking Riverdale because that's who I would rather possibly play down the road, go right ahead... but that's not the case.


I'd rather just play Hendersonville now. And then I'd rather just play Germantown or Bolton. And then if we're fortunate to make it to Murfreesboro (and I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready for my CoachT.com sticker to put on my car that says "See you in Murfreesboro!") then I'll take Oak Ridge, Dobyns-Bennett, Riverdale, or Lincoln County. Doesn't make any difference to me.


I'd LOVE to play Lincoln County. I'd LOVE to be able to prove we're better than the Falcons. I would welcome that chance with WIDE OPEN arms. And guess what... I'm from Franklin. In my "heart of hearts where the truth lies" I know we can beat Lincoln County. We lost by five and we were driving to score the go-ahead TD late in the fourth. We've played a far better schedule than LC. We've improved quite a bit ourselves. The defense we have now is NO WHERE close to the defense we had in week 0 that allowed 38 points. Some of you Lincoln County supporters are becoming just a bit too cocky for me. I think if the two meet again, Franklin could easily win. But first things first, BEAT THE COMMANDOS!

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FHSrebel27, I was just messing with ya....havin' a little fun on this thread. I know Franklin is capable of beating LC. On the other hand the converse it true, obviously. If these two teams are lucky enough to play in M'boro, it'll be a heckuva game. Good luck tonight and next week.

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Franklin has the team to beat LC> I believe that Franklin will face LC in the 'BORO, and Franklin will be the VICTORS> Good luck to all the teams tonight and tomm. in the Playoffs and good health to all.






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