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The most awesome quote from a coach

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Only religion and family comes before football to a good football player. -Vince Lombardi


You're not gonna be a man until you walk onto that field, look your opponent in their eyes and say, "Look baby, I'm right here!" for 60 minutes. -Lou Holtz


Throw your heart on the field and your body has to follow it. -Mike Mahoney


The sun will still shine tomorrow. -Foy Norwood


Or something along those lines, my memory's a bit rusty. Also from a teammate:


Why don't I just draw a line; it'll protect our QB better than you.

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Our football coach, Coach Cantrell would alway tell me and others "Name.......your the dumbest S O B in the history of man, heck dumber than Ned and his first Reader" Man I thought I was real dumb because we had some very dumb people named Reeder in our town. :thumb:

1980's Dekalb County Tigers


Lou Holtz at South Carolina when asked about loosing to (i think Auburn) "heck they get scholarships too"


Coach Woody Hayes (Ohio) asking Coach Grant Taeff (Baylor) for a film of the Baylor victory over Michigan ....Coach Taeff said "coach I dont think that would be right" and without a beat Hayes said "heck they have their own copy" Coach Taeff sent the tape out immediately.

qoute from book Wnning by Grant Taeff


One time when I asked Coach Mayfield at Cannon County if he thought I should try to become a head football coach he said " If you want to know if you would like to be head coach just go smash your face into a wall and see if you like it" Im still an assistant coach ....... :thumb:

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As Lou Holtz observed his new kicker at practice the young man said " Coach, I can hit'em when you aren't looking." Coach replied " well son, I plan on being at the game."


Bear Bryant was trotting toward the locker room at half time and a reporter ran up and ask what the coach thought about his team's execution in the 1st half? Coach Bryant replied, " the way we're playin that wouldn't have been a bad idea."

This is the second quote so far wrongly attributed to Bryant. John McKay actually said this about, I think, his Tampa Bay team.


Also, Knute Rockne actually said, "Oh, excuse me ladies, I was looking for the Notre Dame football team" upon entering the locker room at half against Army.


Here are some more Holtz lines


"Our problem at William & Mary was we had too many Marys and not enough Williams."


At halftime with his huge underdog Arkansas team leading Oklahoma, he was asked how he got his team so fired up coming out of the locker room.

"I told them the last 11 players out HAD to start."


"I don't want to be the best coach Notre Dame's ever had. I want to be luckiest coach to ever win three national championships they've ever had."


"I gaurantee that Blair Keil won't throw 9 interceptions this year (as he had the year before) because after the fourth, he's watching the game with me."

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There is no reason to get up tight or nervious we have played in plenty of big games. Thats just the hole we have dug our selfs in. You have been coached to the best of or ability.Don't think on the feild just react(2001 BlueCross Bowl). ....................... In the morning it want say nothing about weather.It will say State Champs. It want say rain, snow want be a ring with a 2 on it,and their shouldnt be(befor 2000 Blue Cross Bowl)................ There is always a bout 7 or 8 teams that can win it all the Oak Ridges, DBs, Germantowns, then a couple of sleeper, the ones people forgot about. What will you do to seperate your self from them caues I want play a snap.(Beginning of spring 2001 first team meating).............. You got beat you should have it would been taken the easy way out to win off a trick play. they were the beter team to night and for that they will move on an we will get ready for next year.(end of Dickson Co. 99' 1st rd). 4 from the great Gary Rankin

How about "Crap son, we don't need ya. Go on over to Kirkman. They'd love to have you. Good gosh."

- Jon Keene, NDHS '78

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"Billy Tubbs 1979 Basketball coach:"This year we plan to run and shoot. Next season we hope to run and score!""


billy tubbs had enough quotes to fill an encyclopedia. but one of my favorite tubbs stories:


oklahoma wa playing a big game in norman, and a series of calls went against the sooners early. the crowd (naturally) grew more and more vocal, and finally began throwing debris down onto the court to show their displeasure.


the officials (and only they can possibly know what they were thinking) asked tubbs to calm the crowd.


tubbs took the microphone and said; "please do not throw objects on the floor. that is not what we do at oklahoma.... no matter how terrible the officiating"


he got a T, but the crowd didnt throw anything else on the floor.


(oh yeah, they won the game also)


How about Jimmy V asking a ref if he could T him up for what he was thinking. Ref said "No, coach i can't."

"Good, cause I think you stink."

Other ref asked why he didn't T him up for that.

Ref told him it was too good a line.


One more: Baseball coach goes to the mound to pull his pitcher, who is getting rocked.

"I'm OK coach. I'm not tired."

"I know son, but your outfielders are"

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