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Best two players in state are from Nashville

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I just read a post stating that the best players are from Memphis/West TN. Well I truely believe that Brandon Wright and Jamont Gordon are the best 2 players in the state which are both from Nashville (Then Tyler Smith from Pulaski at #3). Currently the best individual players are from the midstate, for surely not teams but players.


Top 5


Mid-state: SG Jamont Gordon (top 10 nationally, straight outta Cashville)

PF Brandon Wright (top 2 nationally, straight outta Cashville)

SF Tyler Smith (top 25 nationally)

C David Palmer (top 30 nationally, straight outta Cashville)

PG Johnny Lee (an great unranked player, straight outta Cashville)


2 future Oak Hill attendants in Palmer and Gordon


West TN: PG Willie Kemp ( an great unranked player)

SG Reginald Delk (top 65 nationally)

PF Pierre Niles (top 15 nationally)

PF Thaddeous Young (top 10 nationally)

SF Richard Delk ( top 70 nationally)


Looking at the two camparisons the Mid-state has 3 clearly better players ,than everyone in the west, in Gordon, Wright, and Smith.

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I'm also from the mid state and you obviously havent seen the Delks and JP Prince play. Jamont, Tyler, and Wright and very good players and might be better but they are not clearly better. Its more like neck and neck. You didnt even list Jp Prince and he's probably the best player from East Tenn. Also David Palmer is the most over rated player in the state, he hasnt showed me anything. I would agree that Jamont is probably the best talent in the state but not by much. Have you seen all these players you have listed play?

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I have seen all the players play...Delk, Jamont, Bwright, JP, I have not seen Tyler Smith.


If I had to start a team, I'd take Brandon Wright first, He is gifted offensively and defensively he will block anything within a 5 foot radius of him. He can breaks a press by himself by just jumping up and catching the ball.


I would next take Jamont, but I haven't seen him play that many times, or even recently. I would then take JP...who is from WEST TN, not East...and finally I would take the Delks...I dont know when I would take Tyler since I have never seen him play.

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The reason why I didn't mention the Prince because I havent seen him play, but I have heard good things. It wouldnt make since for me to mention someone that I haven't seen play.


To NCS, David Palmer is a very good player who is weak and plays out of position. He's more of an Small Forward than anything, but being 6'7 in Nashville you have no choice but to play in the post. He can handle the ball, has an nice jumper, and he can also run the floor. Trust me he isn't going to Oak Hill for no reason, he has earned his spot, just not at Antioch.


I have seen everyone I listed play on numerous occasions. I obviously get the opportunity to see the Mid-state players more, but I have seen the rest enough to compare them. As I said, Gordon, Wright, and Smith are clearly better than everyone else that I listed. The Delks are also very good but I wouldn't warn David Stern about them.

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I have seen all these players play and agree that they are the best in the state. If i had to name 2 i would have to say Brandon Wright and Tyler Smith with Jamot and JP comin in a close 3rd. I admit that im a bit biased because im a manager for White Station and JP and I are real good friends. And since I live in Memphis its hard to see the rest of Tennessee stackin up to our talent level but they do. If I had to put a squad together it would go like this(from what i've seen):


PF-Brandon Wright

SF-Tyler Smith

C-Pierre Niles

SG-Jamont Gordon

PG-JP Prince


Memphis has a lot of talent that is ranked in the nation

Anothy Mason Jr., Rashaun Cromwell,Thaddeus Young,Lawrence Kinnard, Vashaun Ingram, RIco Seay, the list goes on. Watch out for these players on the AAU circuit.


Not to mention the Delks and Willie Kemp. All these players are ranked and deserve respect.

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The mere mention of Palmer on the starting five loses all credibility in picking Middle over West...


That being said, this is a good argument, with talented players from both Middle and West Tn... I would still take the West, due to domination at two positions, and give-or-takes at the other three...


PG-- Richard Delk vs. Johnny Lee (Delk ranked #4 PG at NBA camp by two sources)

2G-- Reginald Delk vs. Jamont Gordon (outscored Gordon 15-6 1st half head to head)

WF-- JP Prince vs. Tyler Smith (both phenomenal talents and athletes with improving jumpers)

BF-- Thaddeus Young vs. ??? (David Palmer gets smoked here, as does Dotson)

C-- RouSean Cromwell vs. Brandon Wright (Wright is the winner here, but Cromwell is 6'10, athletic, and nationally ranked)


AND west TN has backups:

Xavier Webb (High Major 6'9 F)

Willie Kemp (top 100 2006)

Pierre Niles (Top 30 2006)

Calvin Williams (6'8 Colorado committe)

Nicchaeus Doaks (Mid-High Major 6'7 F)

Lawrence Kinnnard (Mid-High Major 6'7 WF)

Reginald Owens (Fairley's leading scorer)

Anthony Mason, Jr (High major 6'6 G)

Donnell Mayben

Wayne Chism


...who would dominate the Middle TN backups...

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Gomab2, are you referring to the head-to-head between Delk and Gordon in the High School State tournament? If so, I never saw Glenciff go to a man where Gordon had to check Delk one on one in the first half. Gordon played the with a injured hand that game (as well most of the tournaments leading up) and Delk clearing had a team advantage with 4 other better players on the court than Glencliff had. I admit I have only seen Delk play twice and have seen Gordon play 15 plus games, but this guy is awesome (scoring, rebounding, passing, defending, etc.). He carried Glencliff the entire year. I think I still give Gordon the nod, but agree West TN has more depth and a team from there would beat a team of top Mid-State players.

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TN players in NBA Camp...


Richard Delk

Reginald Delk

JP Prince

Anthony Mason, Jr

RouSean Cromwell (injured, DNP)


All four TN players that played did very well... Richard Delk performed the best, according to Recruiting sites, where two rated the 6'5 Delk the #4 PG prospect at the camp... All four are outstanding players, and great High Major prospects...

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To Gomab, I understand the you coach the Delks but you still have to keep it real. I never seen a head to head match-up in that tournament game, but me and you both know who's the better player between Gordon and Reg, Delk. Johnny Lee is the better point guard between him and Rich. Delk. I haven't seen J.P. but I doubt that he can physically match-up with Tyler. Thaddeus is good and may have the match-up. Brandon is clearly offensively better than Cromwell with identical defensive skills.


The Mid-state has my match up nod. But the West is deeper.

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