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Elizabethton Vs. rest of AA state competitors

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a State Tital



Oh, you must mean tidal. Are you suggesting the state of Tenesseee is going to curl up like a tidal wave and drown everyone at the will of the Elizebethan cross country team? I'd have to say they've got a pretty good chance of that happening and perhaps an equal chance of this thread like some others getting locked.

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well, it didnt really begin all that innocently... its around the tenth or eleventh thread started by EHS or Sullivan Central supporters.... its getting kinda old. Trash talking is fun and all, but after a while, people just want to hear your times not your lip....

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Thats what I mean by not-so-innocent... Im sure there are other individual posts that I have overlooked, but these are the ones that were at the top of the forum......




and while Im on a copy/paste binge, here's my favorite all time thread. Its a great source of entertainment when your only other alternative is studying, so give it a good read next time youre bored....



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Sullivan Central better make the most of 2004 since its days as a AA team are coming to a close. With nearly 1,100 students, they will move up to AAA next year.


My question: Should Sullivan Central "DO THE RIGHT THING" and compete at the AAA level this season? It would be a shame to have an asterisk follow their success in 2004.

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i run varsity for elizabethton. i want to apologize for everyone starting those dumbass threads. most of them are jv guys.  we're not that good. don't worry about us.




hahaha- nice try, but youre in the spotlight now. Youre kidding yourself if you think youre going to sneak in under the radar like you almost did last year. You did a really good job of staying quiet last year- I only found out about you when you ran the Furman invite and then I followed your amazing progress throughout the year to state, but I think you surprised most people. Are you guys running Furman again this year?


Anyway, you couldve easily snuck in and competed at state without a lot of hype, but that chance is gone now.......

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