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TMSAA Area II Small--GIRLS @ Scott High

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1. Wartburg

2. Coalfield

3. Oakdale

4. Petros-Joyner

5. Sunbright




1. Oneida

2. Huntsville

3. Fairview

4. Robbins

5. Winfield

6. Jellico

7. Burchfield




Don't have my bracket with me, but....


I know there were games Monday and will be games Tuesday, Wednesday, Thusday, Friday, and Saturday....


Here goes from memory:


Monday, January 31


4:30 S4 Petros vs. N5 Winfield



7:00 N4 Robbins vs S5 Sunbright

SUNBRIGHT won 26-23


Tuesday, Febraury 1


4:30 N3 Fairview vs N7 Burchfield


7:00 S3 Oakdale vs N6 Jellico


I WILL (or someone else can) post the rest of the bracket later this evening when I have it available in front of me.

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Results from Tuesday (G):


FAIRVIEW over Burchfield


OAKDALE over Jellico


I don't remember either final score, but...these two games weren't all that close as Fairview won something like 44-11 and Oakdale won something like 54-12.

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Remaining match-up(s) and ALL possiblities that remain Wednesday throughout championship Saturday!!


Quarter-FINAL match-ups


Wednesday, February 2nd


4:30 S4 Petros-Joyner vs N1 Oneida


7:00 S5 Sunbright vs S1 Wartburg


Thursday, February 3rd


4:30 N3 Fairview vs S2 Coalfield


7:00 S3 Oakdale vs N2 Huntsville


Semi-FINAL match-ups


Friday, February 4th


4:30 winner PJ / Oneida VS winner Fairview / Coalfield


7:00 winner Sunbright / Wartburg vs winner Oakdale / Huntsville


Consi and C'Ship Saturday


Saturday, February 5th


4:30 Consi


7:00 C'Ship


**I will update the Consi / C'Ship bracket after the quarter-final round!!

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This is the girls thread so there is not dead and buried posts here. PJ and Oneida's girls are playing tonight in the first game. I'm not really sure if Petros got the Lady Indian team that everyone has seen most of the year. In the first game Oneida missed 14 free throws, and shot below 30% from the field. I would imagine the girls will play much better today. I think the PJ game has done more for Oneida's girls than any other this year because they clearly entered that game not ready to play. It is surprising these two meet so early in the tournament, since they both appear to be good quality teams. Good Luck tonight!

thumb Kaz thumb

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The first 2 SEMI-finalists are in my friends:


Oneida & Wartburg


Oneida beat Petros-Joyner 38-28


The Lady Indians jumped out to a 17-2 lead and cruised. PJ battled back to make it very repectable as the Lady Patriots cut their deficit to 6-7pts late, before Oneida pulled back out.


Wartburg downed Sunbright 34-20


Wartburg only led 24-20 with 4 minutes or so left to play, but....they pulled away down the stretch!!

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Good start for the Lady Indians last night against Petros, who doesn't look like the fourth best team the South Division. The turnover arguement is a little lame because Oneida had way to many turnovers, too. So that just equalized the game out a little bit. Another factor was the fact that Oneida seemed to lose their intensity after the torrid start. Just wanted to tell Petros girls that their level of competativeness was admired by the Lady Indian Faithful. Including yours truely

thumb Kaz thumb !

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Oneida played well at the start of the game. their press had PJ guard mess up all night trying to dribble the ball instead of passing it to the open players.but that is what happens when they do not play team ball. If they would had passed the ball as a team instead the guards throwing it away. On the offense side they did not run any of the plays they just wanted to bouce the ball and throw up shots. I hope Oneida stays focus and does well as I believe they will play Wartburg in the Chanpionship game. In all PJ girls had a great year I believe they won more games this year than in the last 2 or 3 years conbined. Great job PJ

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The lady indians played better last night then they did the first time when petros won. Petros has been on a destruction path for a while. their post starter quit after fued with guards and the coach. several players disrepcected coach landrum. They only had (4) 8th graders and one i think was not in the physical ok state to play. It done my heart good to watch them beat winfeild. Like superdude said they won more this year then the last 2 years combined. I hope the lady indians win because they have a good team and has a press where u cant dribble through. Petros ended the season with me thinkin what would have happened if they were seeded higher? Lady Patriots congrats to u for a great season. Good luck lady indians and the remaining teams in the tourny

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Hmm :huh: girls games on tap tonight Fairview/Coalfield and Oakdale/Huntsville. These are interesting match-ups tonight because they should both be games that any one of the four can win. Hard to tell if playing on Tuesday or resting all week will be a determining factor in the ball game, one can't really tell which hurts a team more. Oakdale's and Coalfield's long trip might help Huntsville and Fairview out a little bit, as far as road lag, but they should be able to overcome that without worrying. Which means it all comes down to x's and o's, and the two North Coaches(Branium and Yaden) have multiple experiences in basketball since an early age. If they have their teams ready to play they could sweep both of these games, because of the number of opportunities they have had to play in the Scott Co. gym.(All last week) I think both of these games will be close, so I have no true prediction, but it should be a pretty interesting night! Answer9, any impressions from last night or tonight's games. Is the girls bracket falling as you thought, I mean, Sunbright's girls played very determined basketball for three quarters.(They did finish last in the South)

thumb Kaz thumb

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