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  2. bd4vols

    Single A State Tournament

    I have a clue. I have two sons, both of which were offered "opportunities" to transfer to a couple of different private schools in the mid state area before they went D2. I chose to keep them with their friends that they'd played with their entire life, and very glad I did. I have never been a person that thinks everyone should get a trophy but I do advocate for a fairer system. I don't have a problem with Privates, none at all. I hope they win at a high level. I have lots of friends that coach there and friends with parents whose kids attend. I do have a problem with the system, and I always have. And obviously I'm not the only one. A private school has a distinct advantage over a single a public school when it comes to kids attending that school Always has. Most private schools are in more densely populated areas, therefore affording more kids the opportunity to attend their school by proximity. The rise of private schools came because the publics in most of those areas were so bad. They also pull kids from across county lines, which most public schools do not allow because of state funding. I lived and coached in West TN for 30+ years, and know the plight of TCA, JCS, USJ (Old Hickory Academy, yeah I'm that old). The rise of those schools came from the fact that Madison County schools were so awfully ran, and they grew along with the population explosion around Jackson and neighboring counties. It's never been a fair system to single a schools like Huntingdon, Gordonsville, East Robertson, Greenback, Harriman etc because they are in more rural areas and they just don't have the base to be consistently competitive year over year vs a private school that could have any number of great athletes decide to move to their school at any point. Trenton Peabody didn't become a powerhouse really until USJ and JCS left for D2. In the Last 20 years, single a baseball has been dominated by privates, in fact, winning 13 state titles and having 13 runners up. Only in 2012, 2009, and 2006 did a private not make the final two. I agree that you want to play the best, and we always tried to schedule up to play better programs so that we would be tested for a postseason run. But a single a school could have their best group come through in years, make the state tournament only to see two privates that can pick and choose who attends their school dominate the tournament. Single A schools have never gotten a fair shake in the old system and it will be interesting come next year with no Columbia Acad, TCA, Grace, University High, etc. Best of luck to all.
  3. ysoangry

    Estes leaves Dresden

    Just basing it on conversation I had with wife's nephew on the team. I'm so far out of the loop anymore that I can only go off what he says. I'd still bet we wont perform like last year. Doubt we have anything for LC but Greenfield and WC shouldn't happen again this year.
  4. GHSblackhelmet


    You should start talking about your baseball team. They actually are good unlike your football team.
  5. Today
  6. BigEdMo

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    Must be getting close to the finals. Feathers are getting ruffled. You throw like a girl!!!!!!!!hahahha
  7. warmachine7954

    Head Coach Openings

    Wooddale isn't even close to what East was. Just 3-4 years ago Wooddale had a season where they didn't' win a game. That area of the city is purgatory. Without Chandler Lawson this year Wooddale wouldn't have won. When a top 100 recruit that has been playing a national schedule for the last three years drops to AA it makes a difference. Wooddale didn't really have a lot of talent outside the Lawson brothers. Whitehaven has Mathew Murrell. Murrell is probably going to be a 5-star recruit after this summer. Then Jonathan Lawson would go to Whitehaven (they'll figure a way to make him eligible) Lawson is an ESPN top 60. Whitehaven has a culture that most places in Memphis don't have. They bring fans those fans are very passionate about that school and community. It is a far better situation than Wooddale.
  8. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    Hahahahaha. Now I needed That laugh. Getting to Serious on here. PLAY BALL. Baseball thread

    Single A State Tournament

  10. GHSblackhelmet

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    Phoneybologna 3 weeks ago I put a bracket in front of my 8 year old son and had him pick who would win the games. So far he has smoked you in wins vs losses. You sir are not a Vegas handicapper and really don,t know much about baseball. You gained minor relevance because you posted controversial losses about teams you have zero knowledge of on an under discussed topic. Go back to your World of Warcraft game and forget about baseball. The tournament is about arms and some are out of them and some have plenty to burn.
  11. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    I know Brother. Just had shake that bush for you BigPurple. Hahahaha
  12. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    No complaints from me. I wish It was all together. I grew Up in this state when it was just 3 divisions. I went To public and loved playing the privates and sticking it to them. Now my kids are in the privates and I have Enjoyed the multiplier and playing up. No gold balls to show for it but it has shown all my boys nothing is just given to you. Oh and I am In that 1% then. Hahahahha. So serious!!!!

    Single A State Tournament

    Your right there is essentially no difference. I was just responding to you guys saying that the open zones will be the next to go.
  14. UTRok

    Coach Bray resigns at Cookeville

    Talk a couple of years ago was that Josh Heard coach at Prescott middle school and teacher at Cookeville high school would be the successor for this job. He was an assistant at Cookeville years ago before he left to coach in GA. He played at Tech. He has been around the program some the last couple years. Now Cookeville high school has a new principal that I assume will be involved in the hiring process. Interested to see who gets this job.
  15. Romansfive8

    Greeneville vs Dobbins Bennett spring scrimmage

    GD87 How did the Greene Machines look overall for a spring startup? I hear the defense is going to be a strong point again this year. Speed, Speed, and more speed and add that strength, toughness it should be an exciting year. Looking forward to our 1st game. Thanks
  16. BruceColetrain

    William Blount 2019

    They should pay the trash men better then. We call that "Lawn Decor" and are proud of it
  17. Nicholas23

    Single A State Tournament

    Lived in TN for 30 years but moved to FL last year. Be happy you have the structure you do in baseball. Public/private schools are all together. No questions asked. Public schools recruit. If little Johnny starts practice Monday at one school but another school doesn't start until Wednesday then all he has to do is say he's moving schools for their business department or basically any reason then he can play immediately and that's for public schools. Also the only game you can lose is district championship or you're out. 8 teams make up a region and only 1 team makes it to state which is just a final four. Quit complaining. Enjoy the experience. Eat your peanuts and let the kids play. They are 10 times better than you are and better than 99% of you ever were. Keyboard warriors.
  18. Swipes

    Single A State Tournament

    The point is it will never happen. over 90% of Public Schools in the State of Tennessee are open Zoned in the eyes of the TSSAA. Any school system that has a transfer police (rather it be for a Childs safety, disciplinary reasons, offer different classes that your zoned school doesn't have, etc.) all count as open zoned. The travel alone and having a handful of teams that are truly not open zoned for its own division wouldn't work and just be giving another participation trophy.
  19. mrbigster

    Lake County 2019 schedule

    Is this a lineman or a back?And from what region rival?
  20. FridayMainEvent

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    After our show Tuesday, me our @Southtowner will post mine..
  21. WestTNHoopsFan

    West TN Coaching jobs

    I gotcha. I know that name. He has been around for a while! Will that work?
  22. WestTNHoopsFan

    Head Coach Openings

    No way he leave Wooddale this year. He will eventually. Wooddale is the new East in Memphis and it will be another school in a few years so I don't see a coach being a long term coach in most Memphis schools.
  23. BigEdMo

    Single A State Tournament

    I agree About competition. But what’s the difference if it is non open zoned schools pulled out to own division. That would still leave open enrolled in their own division then.
  24. FridayMainEvent


    Like I said, they have a strong softball program...
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