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  2. I garuntee it is the greenback skillet slinger is the orchestrater. Helmet boy probably helps out as well. She sends that Willis boy to other schools to "Hang out with friends"'. You think im joking but im not.
  3. We'll probably have more fans at that game than at our own game on Friday.
  4. They sure thought they were to good to be slumming in a little podunk town didn't they
  5. To be honest, it wouldn't matter if he were in Whiwull other than they might be 0 - 1 right now instead of 0 - 2.
  6. He has been susceptible to the panic attacks in the past.
  7. Jasper is going to have trouble moving the ball. 28 - 0. That's if they bring their best. Otherwise, the clock will be running in the 2nd.
  8. Yes just before half. He's gonna be OK though.
  9. You’ve always seemed pretty grounded in reality to me. There is nothing wrong with that prediction. Lord knows I’m not infallible. I was actually fairly confident we would beat Haywood. I call it like I see it, but I’m no more of a fortune teller than anyone else on here lol
  10. So who is the conductor of this orchestra?
  11. Year three of the McKamey ERA. Just curious how the natives of Clinton are doing since the arrival of the new coach and this being his third year. Is the program any better off? I would think CAK would be a win this week for the Dragons. Will a real Dragon fan please stand up and and give us some good insight on the program right now?
  12. Sorry Croppy no fish fry this week it's gonna be at our last home game this year. Tiger fans hope we can make a game of it this week but didn't play well this past Friday.
  13. Most call me the ultimate optimist, but I think we play Beech tough, and the young OL and QB have a much better showing in week 2.
  14. This is a big 6A game in the Memphis area. Region 7 Cordova vs Region 8 Germantown. The game is at Germantown. This is the G-town's HC 1st year as the HC at G-town. The HC from last year is now at Haywood. This is coach Wimberly's 2nd season at Cordova after leaving East. Last week Cordova beat Central by 1 point by a score of 13 - 12 at Crump. Last week Germantown beat the snot out of 1A KIPP by a score of 50 - 0. Who are you rolling with?
  15. I’d say LC will be very interested in this game, Gibson county won’t quit and will give westview all they want
  16. We lost the key players from last year and the ones we have this year didn't get alot of game reps last year so I expected a few mistakes from those early in the year. Don't know any team that wouldn't be in a little panick mode after losing their starting QB at halftime Vandy. I didn't like the outcome of the game anymore than anyone in Waverly and that includes the players and coaches but I'm gonna them an opportunity to get things cleaned up.
  17. Could Crockett really beat the Toppers?
  18. The block on the QB was clean the kid led with his hands. Not gonna lie because it was the QB he should have went back in time and sent him flipping. If you don't want him getting hit take him off the punt team.
  19. Some good points here. We probably do match up better with Beech from a pure athleticism standpoint than we did with Haywood, but it’s not a given, and they will also very likely be much more disciplined along line of scrimmage than Haywood. I think Beech is a prohibitive favorite here, but a close, 1 score game would not surprise me. Like I said, we usually play them tough, and I have always heard that a team sees its greatest leap in improvement between games 1 and 2, so we shall see.
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