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  2. PeabodyPride

    Region 7 2A aka Slobberknockers

    I think for non region games they always have a edge with the veer, that being said the Tide and Cards have seen it enough to somewhat adjust !!! Let me know if you need some Black and Gold gear to wear to the Tide vs the SCLU MudDawgs opening day!!!!!
  3. Today
  4. strongx

    William Blount 2019

    And the coaching carousel continues in LA? I hate it for govman and the like. They deserve better.
  5. blazer1set

    Any Sullivan South fans still on here?

    I wish I was kidding, but sadly Boone just never seems to learn on kickoffs. Last year, round 2 vs. Knox Central, we take the opening kickoff down and pound it in, Boone 7 Central 0. As we started to kick I pointed to one of Central's guys who was just dripping speed and elusiveness and said to my buddy, "Surely we aren't going to kick to him are we??" Friends, that Central guy did not even have to move his feet, the ball went perfectly to him, a few seconds later is it a 7-7 tie. And went badly downhill from there. What a backbreaker of a play.
  6. BigEdMo

    Region 7 2A aka Slobberknockers

    They will just not next year. Watch out for them at the end of the season though
  7. chill

    questions for coachT

    Twilight Zone troll tactics are just weird.
  8. Oddfellow99

    William Blount 2019

  9. Gbnation

    Any Sullivan South fans still on here?

    I’m sorry but that’s hilarious!
  10. Gbnation

    Sequoyah Coaching Search

  11. PeabodyPride

    Trenton Peabody Golden Tide 2019

    https://www.unapproved website.com/m/career/videos.aspx?careerid=70ff7e29-b95d-e611-bef0-a0369f3c1b4c&videoid=b4ff1f6d-165a-4ea1-ba70-66e3b8a287b4#
  12. UpperCumberlandMan

    Coach Bray resigns at Cookeville

    Again if better kids are walking the halls than are on the court, most of the time politics are involved.
  13. PeabodyPride

    Region 7 2A aka Slobberknockers

    You not thinking the UC machine will get back to its dominate ways ????
  14. UpperCumberlandMan

    Macon County 2019

    Good reports coming out of spring with a dominating scrimmage verse Greenbrier. I say MC goes 7-3. Helps to have UHS off the schedule as they rebuild.
  15. mrh11

    questions for coachT

    Guys, I must not be in on the joke because I don’t understand what’s so incredible about my post. All I know is that some on here doubted the skill and ability of Tony Fox, and I’m afraid some such feelings persist today. Call me crazy, but I just want the guy to get a fair shake, and I don’t believe that’s asking too much. If I have to be bullied for the sake of truth and transparency then so be it, but that seems unnecessary. Wherever he lands (wink wink, Coach Barnes), you’re getting a gem. BTW Fox put up 52 and 7 tonight in the semis as his squad won by 12. I’ll send info on the finals when I have it. Can there really be any doubt now?
  16. Yesterday

    William Blount 2019

    Saiv tha Macca.....Bow yorns heads.....
  18. ptguard12

    questions for coachT

    LOL! It's rare, but I have seen a couple of times where someone has replied to something from over a decade ago. It still amazes me! It's fascinating that all of these old posts and conversations are still here and that someone would dig that far back to find them. And if 15 years on here is incredible, I wonder what 17 years for me means?
  19. tonybologna

    AA State Baseball Tournament

    Covington just dominated the Class AA state tournament from start to finish. I picked Covington to start the season but changed my pick to Greeneville during the season.
  20. tonybologna

    AAA State Tournament

    I picked Farragut from the season start to win the state. I thought the other team that could challenge them was Station Camp but they got beat in the Sectionals. Of the 8 teams that ended up going to the state in AAA I would have picked Bartlett as having the best chance at challenging Farragut. You can never count out Bradley Central either because of their tradition. However, in 2019, the Admirals were clearly the best Class AAA team in the state. Hagenow is a BEAST on the mound & Noland is one heck of a baseball player. Vandy is getting a great player & young man in Noland while Kentucky is getting a pitching gem in Hagenow.
  21. RTD

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    I’m going from what I have seen as a TC fan. The game last between TC and Tyner I didn’t see anything from Tyner they didn’t even make it past their 40 and only had a few first downs against TC. Tyner seemed to not have a game plan at all. Yes IMO Watertown has better coaching than Tyner and also a better team.
  22. chill

    questions for coachT

    I’m not sure what’s more incredible, a Tony Fox follow up post or that I’m still on this site 15 years later!? No idea where FatJoe is these days, but Gomab has moved up to a head coach in the college ranks and works for USA Basketball.
  23. chill

    Best in AA 2019-20

    1) Wooddale 2) Fulton 3) etc
  24. Indian

    State's top pitcher

    2020. Uncommitted. Good grades, hard worker. 336 Ks in 2019, 1.82 ERA. .176 opponent batting average.
  25. UTRok

    Coach Bray resigns at Cookeville

    Or the reason they have more talent walking the halls than on the team. Right around 2300 students a top 10 school in the state size wise if not top 5.
  26. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    Interesting story in The Daily Times Friday Paper about the Alnwick School falling in disrepair and needing funds to save it. Opened in 1946 and served until 1983 and within a slingshots distance from William Blount.
  27. mrh11

    questions for coachT

    Chill and fat joe, I beg to differ on the issue of tony fox being the best guard around. At this point he’s clearly proven to be one of East Tennessee’s finest players of the last 20 years. That’s not only my unbiased opinion, it’s a verifiable fact. There’s literally no one who has done what this kid has done on the hardcourt, including landing an old spice commercial. If if you want to see how tony is still tearing up the hardcourt, go to Chickamauga tonight and see for yourself. I’m not sure which gym but there are only a few hardcourts around so you can find it. 7:00 sharp (I think). He’s been performing at an extremely high level in the regional A division, averaging 24.8 points per game and as a vocal leader also, has pushed his team to the top of the division. In the semi-final tonight, we hope to see him drop another 58 (!) on the team that he single-handledly destroyed earlier in the season. Not only that, but due to numerous injuries during his illustrious college career and the resulting medical redshirt, Fox still has 2 years of college eligibility. I’ve seen him running the streets of Hixson in the early morning, and there’s no doubt he’s in the best shape of his life. And his quick-release jumper and three ball distance never left. If you have any college scout connections, you should inform them to attend tonight. Fox has entered the NCAA transfer portal and could be yours if the offer is right. Best of the last 20 years? Confirmed. Best ever? To be determined. Form is temporary but class is permanent. Be a part of the incredible Tony Fox journey.
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