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  2. Now it’s transfers that’s not from the immediate area lol. I’m done on this subject good luck to both teams this season.
  3. lol your already blaming refs, Uncle Harley will call it fair.
  4. Can someone from Milan please tell me why Milan High School is refusing to presale tickets for their fans to the Peabody game on Thursday night? It makes no sense as to why they would like to make things harder for their fans. It should be noted that I am told that Peabody offered Milan the opportunity and they refused.
  5. It’s true we have 60+ kids and our Greeneville transfer is a gem dandy! He was a “home grown” kid from one of our feeder schools. His mom was on some of the greatest Lady Rebel championship teams. Just glad we got him back. He’s been great for us in the off-season motivating and pushing the rest of our line. He’s a great kid on the field off the field and in the classroom who could really go places.
  6. Many teams start tomorrow (19th)...most at least sometime this week.
  7. Way off man, but you really try to get personal on here with everybody when they prove you wrong in any way shape or form LMBO
  8. I’m not stretching anything. I said rarely does SP get an impact transfer that’s not from the immediate area that ever makes an impact. We are still trying to learn how it’s done. Greenback has the patent on getting the good ones right now. Disclaimer.. that’s not a slight at Greenback. It’s a compliment.
  9. It's possible... we'd have to win 3 of 4 between Union City, Adamsville, McKenzie, Peabody and make sure we take care of business against the teams we should beat
  10. First and foremost UHS defense has stifled everyone. I dont think anyones varsity has moved the ball on them. Secondly from my point of view they are trying to get a look at the new skill guys. They definitely have kept their biggest weapon in bubble wrap. So yes they have been holding back and protecting their QB and not relying on him. Cookeville will be the first team they let him loose on. Once he starts breaking loose big runs on you that opens up things for the RBs.
  11. It only became a thing bc your HC made a blantant attempt to save his job by scheduling his way to a 10-0 record. Can't pat yourself on the back when 2 of the teams listed are in your own region. Why you lump Stewart's Creek in with the rest is beyond me. But yes, good on MJ for finally putting together a schedule that resembles a power 6A program
  12. Football54 graduated in 1999 and he’s still upset over a couple of spankings he took. Man that was 20 years ago. You can let go of the hate.. just let go and you can feel it Rush out of your system.
  13. +1 First post you’ve ever said that makes sense
  14. Just hearing you SP guys squal like a mashed cat about saying you have rarely had a kid transfer to south Pitt that made a impact. I just enjoy listening to all of you guys stretch the truth quite often
  15. One of McMinns best returning players from last year is not there anymore. Was a good LB. Have heard they have had hard time replacing him. That should help the Davis run game in my opinion
  16. In all honesty Hubbard should be the qb. Not downing anybody but I think he should be running the offense.
  17. I've been watching from the shadows. Im always close by. The one thing I don't understand is why the Huntingdon posters feel like they have to highjack other people's threads. Makes no sense to me. Must be lonely.
  18. You guys were quite impressive! I said before I really expected a big drop off from last year with the high graduating class y’all had! I’d love to see y’all host a playoff game this year
  19. I don't have much info but what I got could cause OR problems this Friday. HVA has a senior defensive lineman named Jaylen Moore ( 6 - 2, 240 ). I have seen him called almost unblockable and the best kept secret in Knox County and maybe the State. Twice it has been predicted that this will be his breakout season. Last season he had 105 tackles compared to Wildcat Jacob Adams' 106 hammers. UTC has already offered Moore. RWR! Fill the dang Ship! Kick some dang bottom! YOU HAVE GOT THIS!
  20. He went to the cornbread festival so I guess you can claim him....LMBO
  21. I remember Hubbard RIPPING Marion County in 2017. I also remember him playing QB last season in several big games. I think those two split the time.
  22. Without going back over their schedule and examining their opponents record (we were placed in a region together a few years back... I didn't "keep up" with them before that) their quality of opposition lately has been decent at least. Waverly, Columbia Academy, Riverside, and Scotts Hill have kept them from advancing further than they have, and precious few teams would have beaten those four mentioned in the years that Lewis County has had to face them to advance. I don't want to call attention to the weaker teams in Lewis's region, so I wont use names, but they have to play who they have to play... beating them is what good teams do, and beating them is what they've done. Teams with "rough" region schedules usually go weaker out of region, and vice verse. With CA out of their region, and only two or three teams that most think will give them a test this year, they scheduled Riverside as their first game non-region... I think that alone blows holes in your argument about them seeking out weak opposition. I have nothing but respect for Coach Sharp, the Lewis County program, and their fans... they've been gracious in defeat, humble in victory, and have always played us hard and clean on the field.
  23. After we went for the 2-point conversion midway through the third quarter, the wheels kind of fell off... Prior to that, we played you all well. We do have some good team speed offensively and defensively.
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